Pricing Clothes – Overpriced Brands

One of the more common questions we’re asked about clothing is “how much should I price….” – and frankly, it’s not an easy answer.

The answer depends on what quality is the item, i.e. new or gently used? Is it a brand name or a discount brand? How old is it, regardless of condition?

So to answer the question we always get, we turn it back to you…would you buy it? How much would you pay for it? Can you get your item brand new from the store if they have an end-of-season sale?

Take Target, Kohls, Meijer, WalMart, Old Navy, Costco and Sam’s Club. All sell cute clothing and all of them have a bazillion coupons and end-of-season clearance. That really cute tunic you nabbed your daughter for $0.97 at Old Navy? Yup, you’re probably not going to get $3 for that at the sale. However, bundle that with a great pair of leggings and one more tunic – then you’re talking.

If you’ve got a handlful of really great clothing that can be found super cheap, consider bundling it. Because those names above….they’re not going to give you a dollar for dollar return. Don’t get us wrong…they can, and will, sell when priced appropriately and ready to go. Take that top and match it with a bottom. Make the next mom’s life a little easier and give her an outfit that’s ready to roll. You’re check will thank you for it!


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