Recall Notice

Some of you may have seen this on our Facebook page, but Recall Notices are serious business to JBF – and we want to make sure to spread the news.

Please see the attached link from on the recall of two of Gerber’s items:

  • Organic 2nd Foods Pouches – Pears, Carrots and Peas
  • Organic 2nd Foods Pouches – Carrots, Apples and Mangoes

These items failed to meet a quality standard in the packaging which could lead to a spoiled product. Check the link for more information!


Safety Pins

safety pinAhhh, the safety pin – a Consignors friend (and nemisis…as ouch, they can hurt!). Long gone are the days when our moms used to use them to hold up diapers, those magic little pins come in handy for so many things.


  • Item falling off the hanger? Use a pin in the shoulder seam!
  • No pants hanger? Use pins (and bend your wire hanger upwards) to keep pants on the hanger and laying flat.
  • Grouping items together? Pin the partner to the seam of another item!

They are also great for keeping shoes together, attaching hats to gloves, keeping one item with another item and so on. Use these things, they are little magicians hard at work.

You can use any pin that will work – no matter the size. But – be careful! Please, oh, please if you are using pins in lieu of a tagging gun, remember where you are placing your tag or how you are attaching two things together. Do you need to pin in a hem? Will your item show a hole if the pin is removed? Be smart about where you put your pin!

Finally – if you need them, check out any craft store, thrift store craft areas, dollar stores or pretty much anywhere, they are around. If you are looking for bulk supplies and want to go through the JBF crew, just give us a shout!

“Well, That’s Strange!”

It’s a few days after the sale. You are eagerly awaiting your check and sorting through the (hopefully!) few items that you brought back home. You run across the cutest little dress you remember your daughter wearing last Spring and you say to yourself “well, that’s strange! This is the cutest little dress, why didn’t it sell?!”

After all, it’s about as adorable as can be, you think. You wonder out loud “what makes some thing sell and others not?”

It’s a good question and one we get a lot. Sometimes the answers are elusive – a lot like picking tomorrow’s lottery ticket numbers. But other times there are things to consider:

  • Was your price too high? We know you love your item and you feel it has great value. But, consider checking the pricing guide we have in place for West Michigan. Our shoppers are out for great quality and great prices.
  • Was your item a little too old? Retailers are getting smarter about tagging their clothing for the year it was produced. Parents often take a look at that and take that into consideration.
  • Did your item have a flaw you just didn’t catch at home? We can’t tell you how often people share “oh, I tagged that item at 10pm while watching tv one night.” The lighting in your home is different from at the sale. Sometimes things just creep up. We try our very best to maintain excellent standards and help you at drop off to catch these items, but sometimes things slip through.
  • Is your item pretty common? If you have an infant sized sleeper – you can bet that many of our other consignors do, too. Sometimes we just have an overabundance.
  • Is your item for a more picky clientele? Let’s rephrase that – if you’ve got Juniors size clothing (especially girls!) remember – kids are picky when they get older. We try to limit our consignors to 20 of their best items. Even then, consider your audience!

It’s not an exact science why some things sell and others don’t. But, if you’ve picked up your item and you’d like to try again, we strongly advise you to drop the price – consider letting it go 1/2 off – check the quality and be knowledgeable about that item’s popularity.

It’s entirely possible to get your sales rate at 70%, 80% or even 95% – it happens every sale. Join that crew – it’s a fun place to be!

It’s a Wrap!

Another sale in the bag! We’re so energized from this week – we hope you had a positive experience at the sale. We’re always looking for ways to improve, so if you have a suggestion or two, just email us.

A few commonly asked “when  it’s over” questions:

  • What happens to all the stuff that was left? In a fast-paced seven hours, the entire room was cleared out. All the donates when to In the Image, Alpha Women’s Center and various schools throughout Kent County. We had some delighted faces to be sure – and your items are being put to good use as soon as school is in session on Monday!All the remaining “back to consignor” items were organized and placed for pick up today. Any item still remaining at the end of drop off will also be donated to one of our charities.
  • When can I clear out my tags? Right now! If you want to sell in the Kalamazoo sale – just delete out your sold tags and keep your unsold items. If you’re a new consignor just starting for Kalamazoo – you’re already ready to go! Don’t forget – if you itemize your taxes, make sure to export out all your donated items!
  • Can I consign and/or shop at Kalamazoo? Absolutely!!! We’d love to have you. Just log back in and select the next sale. Sign up the same way you do for Grand Rapids.
  • When do I get my check? It’ll be in your email box this time. Melanie and Melissa need a few days to reconcile all the reports – so be patient, but expect it soon!

We’re grateful for your participation at the sale in what ever shape or fashion it took. We hope to see you in Kalamazoo or in the Fall!

1/2 Off Presale

Are you a consignor or volunteer? Then 1/2 Off Presale begins TONIGHT! This is a great perk for our sellers and helpers – you get to shop the steals and deals before the general public.

You’ll need your pass that was given to you before the sale – and it is good for you and one friend.

Want access to the Presale at the next event – sign on to consign or volunteer! We’d love to have you!

Final Countdown

keep-calm-it-s-almost-time-15The final countdown is on for the kick off of our 2016 sales. We’re so excited to launch Kalamazoo in April – and get the wheels turning for our Grand Rapids sale which is just 72 hours away from drop off. How did six months go by so fast?!

We’re grateful for your participation in this sale! It’s our goal to provide a high quality event that can benefit so many families. From shoppers to sellers – our fabulous charities – and our awesome volunteers – we hope this event clears your clutter and puts cash in your wallet!

A few final things…

  • Pack your car well! Being organized at home gets you organized at the sale.
  • Make sure you’ve got a small item with a tag on it handy for registration.
  • Nope – no more self-addressed stamped envelopes – you can leave those at home.
  • Wear comfortable shoes! (Mom always said this was smart, right?!)
  • Check your sale history throughout the week. Enjoy watching those little check boxes turn to “sold.”
  • Do a final check before pick up. Perhaps you just want to donate those final items after all. In the Image, Alpha Women’s Center and GRPS will be so grateful you did!
  • Take a deep breath….when you find that “one last item” to sell, make a quick tag – or start your Fall Sale stash!

Drop off is almost here – let the fun begin!

FAQ Time – Batteries

BatteriesWe hope to start a little series on this blog of FAQ’s – those frequently asked questions that seem to pop up around sale time every year.

For this installment, we’re going to focus on batteries. Do you need them? What kind? Why oh why does it call for Size C? (Because who really uses Size C anyway?!)

In short, yes, any toy requiring a battery needs to have one (or more) to turn the item on. The primary reason is that we want your buyer to know that your item works.

Now – it doesn’t need to be a top of the line battery. In fact, any battery will do – even ones with just a little life left in them.

TIP: If your item won’t turn on – replace only one battery at a time until it does turn on. Even a glimmer is fine as long as it works. This might save you from replacing all the batteries.

Now if you just can’t find an extra battery…it’s late….you’re out of time…do not worry! We have batteries for purchase at drop off. Especially those pesky battery sizes you just don’t keep around. The fee just comes out of your check. No cash needed!

Keeping the quality high is one of our top priorities and giving assurance to our shoppers that items for sale are in good working condition is part of that plan. Thanks for doing your part!

p.s. If you have an item where the battery compartment is corroded and the battery portion no longer works – please consider donating the item. We know that many toys still have a lot of life and love to give, even if the siren is off! Donating is a great way to get it out of your house and into those loving little hands.