Safety Pins

safety pinAhhh, the safety pin – a Consignors friend (and nemisis…as ouch, they can hurt!). Long gone are the days when our moms used to use them to hold up diapers, those magic little pins come in handy for so many things.


  • Item falling off the hanger? Use a pin in the shoulder seam!
  • No pants hanger? Use pins (and bend your wire hanger upwards) to keep pants on the hanger and laying flat.
  • Grouping items together? Pin the partner to the seam of another item!

They are also great for keeping shoes together, attaching hats to gloves, keeping one item with another item and so on. Use these things, they are little magicians hard at work.

You can use any pin that will work – no matter the size. But – be careful! Please, oh, please if you are using pins in lieu of a tagging gun, remember where you are placing your tag or how you are attaching two things together. Do you need to pin in a hem? Will your item show a hole if the pin is removed? Be smart about where you put your pin!

Finally – if you need them, check out any craft store, thrift store craft areas, dollar stores or pretty much anywhere, they are around. If you are looking for bulk supplies and want to go through the JBF crew, just give us a shout!


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