It’s Go Time!

KzooIt’s time to Shop! Way to go Kalamazoo for an awesome drop off yesterday. We’ve got thousands and thousands of items marked 50%-90% off retail for our shoppers to grab up!

We’re located at the Kalamazoo Expo Center just west of Sprinkle Road on Lake Street. Presale starts today – general public shopping is on Friday and our exciting 1/2 Off sale is Saturday. There are so many deals to be found, you know you want to join us. So come on!


Spotlight on Safety

With our Kalamazoo lauch tomorrow – we’re slipping in one last blog post about safety and recalled items.

Today’s post highlights the Fisher Price Rainforest Swing and the Graco Stroller.

Fisher Price Rainforest Swing

This little guy made its way into our home a few years back – and it’s since been recalled for entrapment issues. Wouldn’t you know – that happened to us! Our little munchkin bobbled one way and got stuck behind the bar. This swing can’t be sold at our sale – the item needs to go back to the manufacturer.

The popular Graco stroller is up next – but only a specific kind where little fingers can get pinched in the canopy.

Graco Strollers

You can notice in the recalled version, there is an indented canopy position. The systems with a closed canopy system are not impacted. Again with this recall, the item can’t be sold at JBF and needs to go back to the manufacturer.

We’ll be back with more recalls after the Kalamazoo sale and throughout the summer as we ramp up for the fall sales. Hope to see you at the Kalamazoo Expo Center this week!

It’s Almost Time!

We are so excited to launch the Kalamazoo sale this week! We hope you are enjoying your time getting ready… watching your clutter clear away and your tagging database fill up.

A few things to remember. First, organize yourself at home. Getting all of the clothing in size and gender order will be a huge help. Remember, clothing needs to be on a hanger and the hanger should look like a question mark. 

Second, when organizing all of your other items, keeping them grouped together will also maximize your efficiency at drop off.

Third, don’t forget your consignor forms. You can find these on the website under the “sell” option. For those of you who will be consigning car seats and cribs, please note that an additional waiver is needed to ensure the safety of the item for the new user.

And finally, remember to check in throughout the sale to watch how many items are selling. As items are purchased, the reports are almost in real time. By the end of each day you should get a great snapshot of what has sold.

Don’t forget, at any time, questions are always welcome. We are here to help you throughout the process. So if you are still considering putting items into the tagging system, but you seem to be running into some questions, don’t hesitate to ask us.

We can’t wait to meet you and we hope your first experience at our calendars for sale is an awesome one. Happy Tagging!

Spotlight on Safety

As you know, one of our most important aspects of JBF is our dedication to safety. Today, we’re going to spotlight two of the Top 25 most recalled items for children. This is just an informational tool for you. The data is collected from the US Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Please note – items may have a “fix” available – some may need to be returned to the manufacturer. At at JBF sale, we will do our very best to inform you before your arrival – and during your drop off – of recalls that may have an impact on what you bring to consign.

Up first – the Fisher Price Rock-n-Play Infant Sleeper. This is due to mold that may grow underneath the pad. Simply confirm that no mold is present before you consign it.

Fisher Price Rock N Play

The second recalled item is the set of brightly colored bolts from various Little Tikes workbenches and tool boxes. The bolts in question pose a choking hazard. You need to confirm that your bolts are the “updated” version – notice the top portion of the bolt, this is wider than the original.

Little Tikes Workshop

Happy Selling is Safe Selling – and everyone is a winner!

I Goofed…Now What?

You’re tagging fast and furious. You’re on a roll. Your tags are going in…and then you stop and look.

Shoot! You meant to check “reduce” and you forgot. You’ve gotten 175 tags in and you ponder out loud “Please tell me I don’t have to edit every one?!”

Nope! You don’t!

First – select the purple “edit/delete tags” button on the main screen – it’s usually on the right, above where your tags get listed.

Then, scroll down to see the “modify” section. For every tag you have highlighted (you will have needed to select all – or select the tags in question) you can change your reduced values and/or change your donated values.

Click “update” and you’re done!

Now. what about the fact that every time you log in, the donate or reduce field is always (un)checked? Moreover, you don’t want it to be like that.

We’ve got a fix for that, too.

On the left column, go to My Profile. Your user defaults are right here – you can adjust them at any time. Each time you enter tags. the default will be what you want it to be.

Hope that helps. Tag on!

Kzoo “Kountdown”

It’s on! Just a little over two more weeks until we launch the Kalamazoo sale. We’re pretty excited – and ready to get the deals a’sellin’! We’re packing a One-Two punch with two ways to Kreate Kash….Klear Klutter…in Kalamazoo.

Ok, so that’s a lot of K’s…but you get that we’re excited!

How to join in the fun?

Consign! It’s true – lot’s of K’s or not – you can clear your clutter, create cash for your wallet and perhaps take a special trip this summer or sock your sale money away for a rainy day. Ready to thin out your closets of clothing that no longer fit? Perhaps you’ve got one too many puzzles falling out of their cubby? Consigning is the right spot for you. Click HERE to learn more about making cash for your wallet – and space in your home. It’s time to save your sanity and make some $$$$$!

Volunteer! You also might be ready to find some shorts that fit your growing kid – or prep for that baby before s/he arrives. You’ve got some deals to find and a short time in which to do it in. Consider volunteering at the sale – and earn your pre-sale pass. Shop before everyone else and load up for summer! To learn more about pre-sale and pitching in, click HERE.

Whether it’s cleaning closets – making money – stocking up – or bargain hunting, our newest JBF Sale is the place for you.

Come on! What are you waiting for!