Kzoo “Kountdown”

It’s on! Just a little over two more weeks until we launch the Kalamazoo sale. We’re pretty excited – and ready to get the deals a’sellin’! We’re packing a One-Two punch with two ways to Kreate Kash….Klear Klutter…in Kalamazoo.

Ok, so that’s a lot of K’s…but you get that we’re excited!

How to join in the fun?

Consign! It’s true – lot’s of K’s or not – you can clear your clutter, create cash for your wallet and perhaps take a special trip this summer or sock your sale money away for a rainy day. Ready to thin out your closets of clothing that no longer fit? Perhaps you’ve got one too many puzzles falling out of their cubby? Consigning is the right spot for you. Click HERE to learn more about making cash for your wallet – and space in your home. It’s time to save your sanity and make some $$$$$!

Volunteer! You also might be ready to find some shorts that fit your growing kid – or prep for that baby before s/he arrives. You’ve got some deals to find and a short time in which to do it in. Consider volunteering at the sale – and earn your pre-sale pass. Shop before everyone else and load up for summer! To learn more about pre-sale and pitching in, click HERE.

Whether it’s cleaning closets – making money – stocking up – or bargain hunting, our newest JBF Sale is the place for you.

Come on! What are you waiting for!


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