Spotlight on Safety

With our Kalamazoo lauch tomorrow – we’re slipping in one last blog post about safety and recalled items.

Today’s post highlights the Fisher Price Rainforest Swing and the Graco Stroller.

Fisher Price Rainforest Swing

This little guy made its way into our home a few years back – and it’s since been recalled for entrapment issues. Wouldn’t you know – that happened to us! Our little munchkin bobbled one way and got stuck behind the bar. This swing can’t be sold at our sale – the item needs to go back to the manufacturer.

The popular Graco stroller is up next – but only a specific kind where little fingers can get pinched in the canopy.

Graco Strollers

You can notice in the recalled version, there is an indented canopy position. The systems with a closed canopy system are not impacted. Again with this recall, the item can’t be sold at JBF and needs to go back to the manufacturer.

We’ll be back with more recalls after the Kalamazoo sale and throughout the summer as we ramp up for the fall sales. Hope to see you at the Kalamazoo Expo Center this week!


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