Spotlight on Safety – Recall

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9a55230a-6804-42d1-9437-3b867666d6f4-large16x9_13235220_10154292710323939_5399400771869392130_oIf you do, you’ll notice a post that announced a new recall for Tommee Tippee Sippee cups for mold, causing sickness in children.

This is for the removable white valve – due to its ability to retain moisture (and not get washed as well as it should).

Replacements are available – please contact the manufacturer.


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Spotlight on Safety

Garage sale season is here with gusto!

Have you ever stopped by – looked at a toy – perhaps purchased it – only to get home and realize it’s got a recall on it? Shop with confidence at JBF sales – and we take the worry out of product recalls for you!

Up this time – those really cool Step 2 Riders. You know the kind – the ones that make your kids squeal with delight: “more, pease…more. PEEEAASSEE!”

They sound so cute messing up those words!

Take a look at this rider….

Step2 Rider Full

Step2 Rider

You’re looking for the little yellow pin in the back – it can break loose and the handle falls off. There is a repair kit for it – and will look like the blue bolt on the right.

Push your little one around with confidence – “ok, just one more time!” is music to their ears.

Shout Out

CNBCJBF fans on Facebook blew up the newsfeed yesterday when CNBC announced their top seven choices for national low-cost franchises where you can truly succeed.

Yes, Just Between Friends was on that list! What a day! For the 100+ business owners representing 151 franchises, this was more validation that their blood (yes, blood! Have you seen how many safety pins we handle?!), sweat and tears are worth it.

We are blessed to hear stories all the time about how JBF can impact a family – from providing quality clothing and items for children at a fraction of retail – or creating extra income – or flooding donation boxes for at-risk families – this is a franchise built on making a difference in every community. And it’s an absolute joy to watch it soar!

Hip Hip Hooray for a really great news day!

Could They Float?

I got to watching one of those little videos on social media today. You know the kind – cute little baby, lovely little rolls on her thighs, chipmunk cheeks. She was sitting on the edge of the pool, with her swim instructor videoing her and her mother sitting behind her.

A little floatie comes within reach – she goes for it and falls into the water.

Face first – on her belly. Until something fascinating happens – she flips over.

Whereby this little pumpkin, not even able to walk yet, much less sit up that well, proceeds to float on her back for an extended period of time. She just keeps floating. Belly up, face out of the water.

The CDC reports that unintentional injuries – including drowning – are the leading cause of death in children 0-19. They occur most frequently in children four and younger and account for 27% of all the unintentional injuries.

It got me thinking…in this great state we live in…where a body of water is no more than 7  miles away…and with summer approaching…that now might be a good time to remember water safety for you and your children.

Remember – your cell phone can wait. Never leave a child unattended near water. Verbally tell any other responsible adult if you need to walk away that you are not watching and that you need assistance. If no other adult is around – get the kids out of the water. Keep your eyes on your most precious prize..if you may.

For water safety tips, websites abound. Infant swim and self-rescue classes are available – consider these options if you’ll be around water this summer. JBF loves little doodle bugs – let’s keep them splishin’ and a splashin’ – the right way!

The Checks are in the eMail!

Check_Your_EmailHey Kalamazoo consignors – the checks are out! Check your email for your check. It’s super simple to deposit. Print your check (Mac users, select “fit to screen”) – plain 8,5″x11″ paper is just fine. Cut on the line, endorse on the back and deposit away!

We hope you had a good first experience in Kalamazoo. We learned a ton and look forward to expanding and increasing in October. Until then, keep checking back for tips and tricks to navigate the road of life as a consigning mom.