It’s Here!

Nationwide, the JBF website has rolled out. The Grand Rapids & Kalamazoo sites are up and running – and looking fantastic!!


Fresh – fun – easy to use – and ready to roll with you. The mobile viewer for phones/tablets is also really cool.

Go check it out!


New Website Coming!

New SiteIn case you missed the email yesterday, we’re launching a new website this week!

Upgrading on Tuesday, June 28th, the website will offline for maintenance. We can’t wait to show you our new look!

Still need access to your tags? No problem! If you have a JBF profile established, you may use this link to log into your tagging account while the website is offline.

But most importantly – check back on Wednesday to see the new site!!!

New Websites – New Look

Just Between Friends Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo’s websites are getting a “makeover”.  The websites will be down June 27 and 28 to be redesigned.  The new site will be live on the 29th.  Know though that you can still tag and log into your JBF tagging account using this link at any time… website coming


Get a Move On – Read On!

ClapDid you ever stop and notice just how many books encourage your child to move? From the very first book that enters their little hands, children can get active and involved during reading time. The one year old that has just learned to clap? Try “Clap Your Hands” by Lorinda Bryan Cavley. Your precious three year old that is learning all his body parts? Try “From Head to Toe” by Eric Carle.

Here are a few more books to get you reading and moving with your child. Don’t have one handy? Visit your local library. You might be able to get even more active by walking there!

The Ants Come Marching – Martin Kelly

Barnyard Dance – Sandra Boynton

The Caterpillar Fight – Sam McBratney

Five Little Ducks – Raffi

Growing Vegetable Soup – Lois Ehlert


This is part of the Get a Move On series – keeping your child healthy through activity and movement.

Spotlight on Safety – Recall

Two more items on the Top 25 recalled list:

First – the Laugh & Learn Musical Chair. This item was recalled for entrapment possibilities between the chair back and the table. A repair kit is available from Fisher Price. Simply contact them for the part.


Laugh Learn Chair

Also in this post – the Little People Wheelies Stand n’ Play Ramp. The specific recall is for the purple or green cars stamped “Mexico” that do not have a yellow dot on the under side. The wheels have popped off in two occasions – posing a choking hazard for children.

Wheelies Stand and Play

Simply contact Fisher Price for a free replacement car.

Update to Tagging Site

Hey Consignors! Just a little technology update to pass along to you. After careful consideration (and lots of research around the country at various Spring sales), the Beta Test for 12 tags per page just did not scan as well as we hoped.

Therefore, as of June 17th, the Beta Test is now at 9 tags per page. Still more economical than the 6 tags – but now, with a larger field in which to tag and scan.

Any tags that were already printed are just fine – no need to reprint!

Hope you’re enjoying this awesome Michigan summer weather!

Get a Move On – La, La, La!

Need a creative way to get your child active? Encourage instant activity with the songs you like to sing every day. Why sing?

  • Songs increase physical activity everywhere and for everyone
  • Songs can teach school-readiness skills (clapping, moving, hopping, jumping)
  • Songs are ideal for limited spaces (cars, buses, waiting rooms)
  • Songs can be used as an introduction to a concept or lesson (patience, kindness, love)

Friday Night Dance Party is a huge hit in our home. We often find a kid-friendly station on the radio, You Tube, Pandora, etc and bounce around the house to celebrate the end of another week. The kids also love to watch mom and dad get silly in the kitchen – while sneaking in some cardio – as dinner gets prepared.

But don’t worry. You don’t need a radio or even be able to carry a tune. It doesn’t have to be The Wheels on the Bus or The Itsy Bitsy Spider either. That flashback you keep humming from the 80’s? Your kids will love it! So go on – Sing!

Spotlight on Safety – Recall

Nanny NapperContinuing our education on recalled products – up this week is the Nap Nanny. Voluntarily recalled by major retailers, this sleeper for infants was attributed to infant injury and death. If this is an item you are currently using, you can contact the retailer you purchased it from.

For all of our consignors, any model of the Nap Nanny will no longer be accepted at our sales.


Are any of you on overload?

Perhaps toy overload or book overload? (Or, yes, since school is out for most of us, kid overload?!)

Now might be a perfect time to tag a few things. With the new beta print option of 12 tags per page, I’ve been gathering things up in dozens as I go. When I hit 12, I simply print one sheet, attach the tags, store them in a bag in the basement and move on.

Twelve more things out of sight – out of mind. Twelve more things to make some cash on this fall – and to get out of the way.

Seriously, how many more Legos can one girl step on?!

So consider a challenge perhaps for the next week. The kids are home – they’re probably already bugging you and you can put them to work. Gather up a toy or two they no longer play with. Read that book they are too old for one more time – then tag that thing and get it out!

Your closest….and your sanity…will thank you for it!

Join us in the purge!