Are any of you on overload?

Perhaps toy overload or book overload? (Or, yes, since school is out for most of us, kid overload?!)

Now might be a perfect time to tag a few things. With the new beta print option of 12 tags per page, I’ve been gathering things up in dozens as I go. When I hit 12, I simply print one sheet, attach the tags, store them in a bag in the basement and move on.

Twelve more things out of sight – out of mind. Twelve more things to make some cash on this fall – and to get out of the way.

Seriously, how many more Legos can one girl step on?!

So consider a challenge perhaps for the next week. The kids are home – they’re probably already bugging you and you can put them to work. Gather up a toy or two they no longer play with. Read that book they are too old for one more time – then tag that thing and get it out!

Your closest….and your sanity…will thank you for it!

Join us in the purge!


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