Get a Move On – La, La, La!

Need a creative way to get your child active? Encourage instant activity with the songs you like to sing every day. Why sing?

  • Songs increase physical activity everywhere and for everyone
  • Songs can teach school-readiness skills (clapping, moving, hopping, jumping)
  • Songs are ideal for limited spaces (cars, buses, waiting rooms)
  • Songs can be used as an introduction to a concept or lesson (patience, kindness, love)

Friday Night Dance Party is a huge hit in our home. We often find a kid-friendly station on the radio, You Tube, Pandora, etc and bounce around the house to celebrate the end of another week. The kids also love to watch mom and dad get silly in the kitchen – while sneaking in some cardio – as dinner gets prepared.

But don’t worry. You don’t need a radio or even be able to carry a tune. It doesn’t have to be The Wheels on the Bus or The Itsy Bitsy Spider either. That flashback you keep humming from the 80’s? Your kids will love it! So go on – Sing!


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