There was some really big news around JBF Grand Rapids Kalamazoo this week. Did you get the info?! Did you notice the “big to-do”?

Did you take note?!!

If you missed it, don’t worry – we’ll blog about it shortly. But hey – if you didn’t open that email yet…

….NOW is the time!!!


Spotlight on Safety – Recall Notice

For all you Digital Baby Monitor lovers out there – a recall has been issued for the Lorex Care ‘N’ Share monitor. Officials say the lithium battery can overheat, swell and then creates a burning hazard.


The model numbers in the recall included WL3520, WL4320 and WL3401. For the article on this recall, click here.

Pricing – Shoes, Glorious Shoes

ShoesIf your kid is anything like our kids – their feet just won’t stop growing! We’re totally grateful for flip flops in the summer, they hide a myriad of “oops, your foot is a what?!

But Fall is coming – so is Back to School (in some cases, school starts up next week already – good luck and learn lots, you fabulous kids, you!). With Back to School comes “the list” of what to bring. Gym shoes…followed by soccer cleats and football cleats and dance shoes and ballet shoes. Then there’s church shoes and school shoes, rain boots and snow boots. In our little corner of the world, it’s hard to get away with just one or two pairs for a whole year.

JBF is the perfect answer for the extras you need at the price you want. We try to balance the type and quality of shoes at our events – but we do understand the need for that extra pair, especially when those toes are growing so fast. Our goal is to provide the widest possible selection while still maintaining our commitment to quality.

If you’re getting ready to sell some shoes, please keep these tips in mind:

  • Keep those shoes together! Rubber band, tie with string, tie or velcro together, safety pin or place in zip top bags. Anything you can do so pairs stay put.
  • Magic Eraser those little buggers! Shoes need to be clean. Two minutes of hard work puts your shoes to the top of the buying list.
  • Are they scuffed? Are they scuffed to the point you wouldn’t buy them? Let’s keep those off the floor. Our donation partners will gladly take them – so it’s still a win for you, too! Keep in mind shoes that have really just seen their last wear need to be recycled where possible.
  • Be price competitive. There are quite literally thousands of shoes at the Grand Rapids sale and Kalamazoo isn’t that far behind. Yes, some brands do command a higher price – but don’t knock yourself out of the running.

One look at the shoe pile that doesn’t sell answers everything: too scuffed/dirty or overpriced. Be smart – add cash to your wallet and space to your closet floors. Clean them up, price them right and take that all the way to the bank!

Spotlight on Safety – Recall Notice

Check your cupboards (or in cases like our house – under the beds, in the dirty laundry, behind the couches or under the driver’s seat) for this water bottle from L.L. Bean:

LLBean Water Bottle

On July 19, a recall was issued due to the lead in the solder at the exterior base.

You can click this link to go to the Consumer Product Safety Commission to find out more.

Get a Move On – Catching Skills

baseball-ballIn our last installment of Get a Move On, we reviewed 7 tips to help your child’s motor skills in throwing a ball or bean bag. Just as important as throwing – catching! Helping a child’s coordination in catching a ball builds confidence for other motor skills they will learn shortly. Here are 7 tips to get your child catching whatever comes their way!

  • Provide your child with an uncluttered background
  • Always be sure to have your child’s visual attention before asking him/her to catch
  • Tell your child to extend arms in front and with arms slightly bent, have hands facing the ball
  • Start with soft, large, colorful balls and gradually reduce the size of the balls used for catching
  • Provide lots of positive praise and feedback
  • Modeling the skill may prove helpful for your child
  • Challenge each child with variety when they are ready, ensuring success along the way


This is part of the Get a Move On series – keeping your child healthy through activity and movement.



Special Tip for Kids in Crowds

If “heat dome” and “ring of fire” and “corn sweat” aren’t enough to make you raise an eyebrow at the pending heat on tap for West Michigan this week, the pull of your child to get to some fun adventure in the middle of summer might be ringing in your ears.

Frankly, we’re still giggling at Corn Sweat, but that’s for another day!

In a recent publication by Huffington Post, the Clovis, CA, Police Department offered a really cool tip to parents who are about to brave a crowd with their child. The magic? A little smarts and a little product called Skin Shield. Entitled Police Department Offers Special ‘Tip’ For Parents With Kids In Crowds, the Clovis PD suggested to write your name and phone number on your child and cover it with a liquid band-aid. Then, take a photo of your child on your cell phone to have a current image with clothing and hairstyle.

If you’re headed out somewhere fun – enjoy the sun, the sand, the surf – and some sanity. Being prepared is truly half the battle. Sometimes more!

Have fun!

Spotlight on Safety – Recall Notice

Tubside BathCheck out this Safety 1st Tubside Bath Seat – while this does not have a recall on it, it should be noted that it does not fit will on sunken or non-traditional bath tubs. The arm can break off and the child can tip and fall into the water.

If you have one of these seats marked with model number 44301 – you can contact Safety 1st for more information.

Early Bird – Valet Tagging

Early birdAre you an early bird who gets the worm? Or, in this case, secures your spot for valet tagging?

Then it’s time to sign up! Click this link to fill out a Google form that will allow you to simply drop off your best items to a tagger. They prep, price, tag, and bring your items to the sale and you just get your check!

Here’s the specifics:

  • Drop off clean items to your tagger.
  • Earn 45% of the selling price, less a $20 consignor fee.
  • If you choose to volunteer 4 or more hours, you’ll receive 50% on your sold items.
  • You need to have a minimum of 50 items to consign.
  • Items need be in excellent condition – toys cleaned, clothes laundered (no stains, pilings, smoke/odor or tears).
  • Items need to be sorted by size and gender with outfits together – cardboard boxes are great, as they keep things neat. In a pinch though, a garbage bag will work.
  • Items need to have all their parts and be in working order with batteries.
  • Items should not be on the JBF Nationwide Recall List.

Space is limited and we take requests on a first come first served basis – so sign up soon!


Get a Move On – Basic Throwing Skills

Not every child is coordinated right away. Many children get frustrated in their desire to throw a ball while playing catch and the ball just doesn’t go where they intended. Help your child practice this motor skill with the following tips:

  • Make sure the target is large enough to almost ensure success
  • Use balls or bean bags that are small enough for your child’s hand
  • Be sure your child is looking at the target and is not distracted
  • Tell your child to throw hard or far
  • Practice a few times before retrieving bean bags or balls
  • Use teaching cues “Step…twist your belly button…and throw!”
  • Positively praise each child for improvements using hand claps, smiles, high fives, etc

Next time? Catching the ball!


This is part of the Get a Move On series – keeping your child healthy through activity and movement.