Get a Move On – Basic Throwing Skills

Not every child is coordinated right away. Many children get frustrated in their desire to throw a ball while playing catch and the ball just doesn’t go where they intended. Help your child practice this motor skill with the following tips:

  • Make sure the target is large enough to almost ensure success
  • Use balls or bean bags that are small enough for your child’s hand
  • Be sure your child is looking at the target and is not distracted
  • Tell your child to throw hard or far
  • Practice a few times before retrieving bean bags or balls
  • Use teaching cues “Step…twist your belly button…and throw!”
  • Positively praise each child for improvements using hand claps, smiles, high fives, etc

Next time? Catching the ball!


This is part of the Get a Move On series – keeping your child healthy through activity and movement.


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