Special Tip for Kids in Crowds

If “heat dome” and “ring of fire” and “corn sweat” aren’t enough to make you raise an eyebrow at the pending heat on tap for West Michigan this week, the pull of your child to get to some fun adventure in the middle of summer might be ringing in your ears.

Frankly, we’re still giggling at Corn Sweat, but that’s for another day!

In a recent publication by Huffington Post, the Clovis, CA, Police Department offered a really cool tip to parents who are about to brave a crowd with their child. The magic? A little smarts and a little product called Skin Shield. Entitled Police Department Offers Special ‘Tip’ For Parents With Kids In Crowds, the Clovis PD suggested to write your name and phone number on your child and cover it with a liquid band-aid. Then, take a photo of your child on your cell phone to have a current image with clothing and hairstyle.

If you’re headed out somewhere fun – enjoy the sun, the sand, the surf – and some sanity. Being prepared is truly half the battle. Sometimes more!

Have fun!


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