Get a Move On – Catching Skills

baseball-ballIn our last installment of Get a Move On, we reviewed 7 tips to help your child’s motor skills in throwing a ball or bean bag. Just as important as throwing – catching! Helping a child’s coordination in catching a ball builds confidence for other motor skills they will learn shortly. Here are 7 tips to get your child catching whatever comes their way!

  • Provide your child with an uncluttered background
  • Always be sure to have your child’s visual attention before asking him/her to catch
  • Tell your child to extend arms in front and with arms slightly bent, have hands facing the ball
  • Start with soft, large, colorful balls and gradually reduce the size of the balls used for catching
  • Provide lots of positive praise and feedback
  • Modeling the skill may prove helpful for your child
  • Challenge each child with variety when they are ready, ensuring success along the way


This is part of the Get a Move On series – keeping your child healthy through activity and movement.




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