Next Month – NEW VENUE!

Alrighty – here it is! The big news is here – we’re moving to the Delta Plex!


If you missed out on the info in the email, here it is:

Just Between Friends Grand Rapids at the DeltaPlex September 14-17

We had begun looking for a new location last fall and having just recently become aware of massive streetscape improvements planned in and around Rogers Plaza in Wyoming, our move was quickly pushed ahead as our old facility was no longer available.

Why at the DeltaPlex?

We spent several weeks looking at options and kept coming back to this location.  There is plently of space to grow, lots of parking, easy access and centrally located for many of our communities.  They had also reached out to us, asking JBF to consider coming back to their location.

What Can You Expect?

The same great quality and service you have come to enjoy. We will make this venue and this sale the best one yet.  Marketing initiatives have already begun and new consignors and shoppers have already signed up.  Have you signed up yet?


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