Get a Move On – Kicking Skills

In our previous posts about getting your kids active through play – we focused on throwing and catching. With soccer season right around the corner, it’s only right we focus on kicking this week!

Kicking a ball on the ground may seem rather simple. But to a little child, it can be a challenge at first. With the few simple tips below, you will be able to help your child grasp this motor skill in no time. Who knows, you may even have a budding soccer star on your hands!

Before you begin, position the ball about 10 feet from your target and have your child stand about two feet behind the ball.

  • Cue your child to look first at the target, then at the ball
  • Use large, soft, colorful balls at first
  • Use large targets that almost ensure success
  • Reduce any visual “clutter” that could be distracting
  • When kicking inflated balls, use a kicking tee (margarine tub lid) to keep the ball still
  • Ask your child to kick hard or far
  • Increase difficulty (smaller balls, larger distance, etc) as your child is ready


This is part of the Get a Move On series – keeping your child healthy through activity and movement.


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