Supply Restock on Wednesday!

SuppliesSupply restock is coming this week! We’ll be at Russell and Ballard Jewelers – 5752 Byron Center Avenue, Wyoming, this Wednesday from 4:45pm to 7pm. Here, you can buy hangers, cardstock, tagging guns and barbs. If you’ve got questions on items, need help with something, or just want to say hi – we’d love that, too!!

Please, kindly have cash only. We’re in a parking lot and we won’t be able to swipe your card.

Pricing is as follows:

  • Wire Hangers – $0.10 each
  • Tagging Gun with 1,000 barbs – $14
  • Replacement barbs – $3 per 1,000
  • White Card Stock – $2 per 25 sheets (9 tags fit on a sheet – this will allow you to print 225 tags)
  • Complete Kit – 100 wire hangers, tagging gun, 1,000 barbs and 25 sheets card stock – $25

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