You Reading Your Email?

Hey! You – you rockin’ awesome person diligently working through tags, you.

Or – if you’re like others – looking at your pile and saying “I have got to get on that!”

We’re two weeks out! Don’t lose track of time with those kidlets going to school, in 14 days, you’re off to the DeltaPlex!

We just wanted to make sure you saw this part of your recent JBF GR email:

Two WeeksConsignors….What to bring to registration at the DeltaPlex…..

1.  Completed Consignor Waiver  – click on the link to print yours
2.  Completed Car Seat Waiver – if you are selling one of these
3.  Completed Crib Checklist – if you are selling one of these.

Drop Off Times:

  • SundaySeptember 11, 5pm – 9pm *arrive no later than 8pm.

  • Monday, September 12, 10am – 4pm *arrive no later than 3pm.

*please note, if you are volunteering during drop off, please plan on dropping your personal items off either before or after your shift.  


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