I Still Need…..

…well, bam, here’s the rain and the cooler temps we’re all used to this time of year. As I write this, I am confident it will be 70 again next week – as I sit here shivering under a blanket drinking tea.

shopper-jbf-250x250It’ll be 70* and then it might snow. And we’ll be back up to warm temperatures until Oct. 30 and it’ll rain and freeze and sleet for Halloween. Life in West Michigan, right?!

But, while I can prepare for the weather like a Mitten Native, I can’t prepare for my son’s rapid growth in the last six weeks. The kid is a weed! Alas, his extra gym shoes don’t fit, his pants are too short and the tag in his play coat “scratches me funny, momma, it’s not cool.”

Far be it for me to inflict such misery – and uncoolness – on my elementary schooler! Alas, JBF to the rescue. Our focus for the week ahead is to share just how easy it will be to fix clothing (or toy or supply or what-have-you) needs and turn them in to bargains galore! JBF can help you fill in all those holes, literally and figuratively, that have popped up without explanation this fall.

costumes-againWant to get ready for Halloween? Come on!

Need an extra set of gloves? We’ll have them!

Need gym shoes for school? Yup!


Want to get in a little Christmas shopping while you’re at it? Let’s go!

JBF has it all – and we’re ready to see you! Drop off begins in just a few days and the shopping will be well underway a week from now. Hooray! See you soon!


One Week Away!

Hey Y’all! We’re getting ready to launch our second Kalamazoo – bigger, better and brighter than you can imagine!

Here’s a few things to know:

kzoo1. Friends Don’t Let Friends Pay Retail.  Bring a friend, share the bargains (you can get as many FREE tickets as you need!)

2. Make a List.  Check it Twice.  Shop JBF & Pay Half Price.  Since JBF only happens twice a year, be sure you stock up for the next six months (including the next size up)!

3. Wear Comfy Clothes and Plan Your Time.  With thousands of new items tagged since the Spring sale, you will want to make sure you shop comfortably and don’t be rushed as you will have rows and rows of quality items to shop through.

You ready?? When, you say??

check-mark-iconOctober 6th | Presale Day

9am – 4pm | Must have ticket/pass to enter.  Passes required for volunteers, sellers and special guests. Adult only shopping time.

October 6th | Public Shopping Afternoon

4pm – 9pm | $3 Admission – Kids are FREE and you can be too. Get your tickets here!

October 7th | Friday Fun Day

9am – 9pm | Shop the amazing, super organized sales floor and enjoy FREE admission.  Tons of bargains for the entire family!

October 8th | Half Price Day

9am-5pm | Many items an additional 50% off and admission is FREE.

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s bargain shopping time – clear you clutter, create some cash and shop til you drop! See you next week!

Tagging Tip Tuesday – It’s in the Detail!

One of our beloved JBF Owners loves to sing the mantra of appropriate tagging “BCD, if you please!”

Brand. Color. Description.

Oh, let me tell you how important this is. See this rack:


That’s just one rack – of many – where the tag fell off the item, we scoured the complete database and still couldn’t match a tag up to its owner.

The result? No sale – and to the lost and found pile it goes.

SO SAD!! I’m crying on my receipt – I really wanted that xyz-pdq outfit! Alas, no tag, no sale. Bummer!

Here’s a gentle, loving reminder of what won’t work for a tag:


“Clothing”  This was a tag without a home. There is no way we can match that to anything – so essentially, it’s wasted time for the consignor who cleaned it, hung it, entered it, tagged it and got it to the sale. We want you to earn as much as you can – and tags with descriptions get lovingly matched all throughout the event.

So, let’s say this was for a pair of jeans. BCD if you please!
Sonoma, dark wash, jeans with snap

Or a sweater:
Merona, green white stripe sweater

Yes, using a generic like “clothing” helps you mass produce tags. But the moment that tag falls off, it’s not possible to sell your item. It takes a smidge longer, we know. But it’s worth it. Besides, for you talk-to-text gurus, you can do that on your phone or tablet and talk-tag away. Super simple!

So, please, oh please, BCD!!

What Donated Love Looks Like

“I say thank you to those that have the heart to donate….”

She was a shopper at In the Image – she loved to be able to get things for her family, knowing they were free to her. She knew she could never thank the donator personally, but she was grateful.

This is the heart behind our mission to celebrate donations in Grand Rapids and in Kalamazoo. After each sale, the donations go straight to work. In some cases, right on to little kids by Monday morning.

The need in our community is that great.

And you’re the ones on the front lines, helping! Now, we get the wonderful work that some of the larger box-stores do by offering thrift merchandise to help families in need. But your donations skip that step, getting straight to the case workers, social workers and public servants in our community who look at those little cherub faces every day, seeing poverty in our area first hand.

You’re the ones helping!!

Here’s just a few shots of what you accomplished because you marked “Donate” on your items:

The first batch went to the Early Learning Neighborhood Collaborative – a preschool program for at risk children in Grand Rapids Public. Books, puzzles, winter clothes, games, supplies, etc…

elnc1 elnc2

Our next batch – which I missed getting a photo of – went to the Alpha Women’s Center. EIGHT full garbage bags of infant clothing and supplies for those women facing crisis pregnancies and in need of a helping hand.

Next, our flagship donation partner, In the Image, serves 16,000 families a year and your donations make it possible for them to clothe children. Without JBF, they don’t have enough inventory. Just look at the pile!

iti1 iti2 iti3 iti4 iti5

And finally, our partnership with the homeless program at GRPS. Here, they came to shop on half off day. Your smart pricing allowed them to shop and fill needs that even other thrift stores can’t provide. Upon the completion of the sale, they got a box of donations that included uniform pants to round out their supply.


Tens of thousands of people in our community are directly impacted by your love to donate.

Maybe you don’t want the stuff back in your house. (YUP!!)

Maybe you can get a larger tax write off if you donate it at the end. (Itemizers for the win!)

Maybe you just want to help out in a little way that makes a collectively gigantic impact. (Absolutely!!)

We’re just grateful that what ever the reason….that you donate.

Thanks, everyone – so very much!

Kzoo, We’re Coming!

We are less than two weeks out from our second sale in Kalamazoo! We’re so excited to bring one of the nation’s biggest consignment sales to the area – but we’re more excited about connecting with the community. Offering families a way to clear their clutter and create cash – as well as support the Kalamazoo Dream Center as a way to Buy Local and Stay Local.

If you haven’t signed up to sell at this fantastic event, know that it is super simple!

  • Go to our site http://www.kalamazoo.jbfsale.com
  • Register as a consignor for the event
  • Tag your items – it’ll take a little bit of prep work – but you’re home, in your element (in your jammies, even!) and you’ll get yourself all set
  • Drop off your items on Wednesday, Oct 5 and that’s it!! No tables to man, to prices to haggle – and THREE DAYS of selling time.

Once the sale is over, checks are emailed to you within a week. It’s really easy to get your house emptied and get that bank account a little thicker before the holiday season arises.

Come on, join us! Thousands of shoppers can’t be wrong!

Checks are in the Email!

Welcome to superfast delivery!Consignor checks were emailed out yesterday and you should be receiving yours!

Just print this out and deposited as normal. Should you have any questions, Deluxe Checks will be happy to assist you. 

We hope you like the quick delivery of the emailed check, as it is our hope to get you the “Cash for your Clutter” as efficiently as we can.

Thanks again for making this a great event!

Tagging Tip Tuesday

So, yes, we like to put original content on the blog that is separate from that on the Facebook page. Keeps it interesting to stop on by, doesn’t it!

Regardless, today’s Tagging Tip Tuesday is a really good one – and deserves to be mentioned on the blog as well. Because frankly, it was reconciliation day yesterday and you want ever last tag you sold to get you money, right?!

Here’s your tip:

jumbled-tagMake sure your printer still has good ink!! If you bring tags that look like this, the computer won’t scan them properly and the extra time to manually key in the tag could result in the sale being lost!

Clean Up, Clean Up

In our home, we have a little song when it’s time to clean up:

Clean up, clean up
Everybody, everywhere
Clean up, clean up
Everybody do your share!

As I sit here singing to myself while typing, it’s also a great time for the JBF Team to ask you to clean up your sold and donated tags. If you chose to pick up unsold items, then just your sold tags.

The process is pretty simple – but the benefit is crucial to our overall awareness of just how many items make it to the start of a sale. We rely on the number of tags you have in your system when we run the overall reports – so ensuring an accurate tag database is vital as we grow.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Log in to the tagging site
  2. Then, first, know what sold! Click on the reports link and follow it to “sold” items. Yay for you! reports
  3. Next, it’s time to delete those tags. Start by clicking the purple Edit/Delete Tagsdelete-tags1
  4. Then in the filter area, where it defaults to All Items, change that….delete-tags2
  5. To sold items….or donate and sold….delete-tags3
  6. You will then need to scroll down to ensure that you select ALL ITEMS (as your filter has now been applied – and you will see only your filtered items)edit-delete-select-all
  7. Then scroll back up to hit the delete button … it will ask you to confirm your delete, which you should do, and then you’re all set!

What you have essentially done is used the Edit/Delete feature to filter out your tags. You select those filtered tags and then delete them.

Your support here is so important to us – thanks again for being such great consignors. And, if we’ve confused you to pieces, just call us and we can talk you through it!

We’re Out

How does an empty arena fill to 110,000+ items and thousands of visitors to this:

A boat-load of hard work and some pretty amazing volunteers. A hearty thank you to all of those who came to shop, sell, or simply just support this event. We can’t be West Michigan’s biggest and best consignment sale without your help.

Thanks. So very, very much!

It’s Pick Up Day!

13876612_10154506491519729_7064015865053093191_nCome on back, one more time! Today – Sunday – is consignor pick up for all items not marked for donation.

For pickup today you will enter at the same place you dropped off. Doors open sharply at 1pm and close at 3pm. Also bring a bin, box or bag to take your things with you in.

Don’t feel like picking it up – NO PROBLEM! We’d love to donate it for you. In the Image, Alpha Women’s Center and the homeless program for GRPS all count on your donations.  So feel free to donate away!