From Facebook

Here was a popular post on our GR/Kzoo VIP Facebook page – which does beg the question…are you on our VIP page? If not, we’d love to add you!

A group of us has been fielding a host of great questions about the upcoming sales in GR and Kzoo. We thought we’d post two common ones here – and encourage you to use this page to ask more if you’ve got ’em!
1) “I saw something about a $3 minimum. Is this true?”
NOPE! Not for any Grand Rapids or Kalamazoo sales. While there are some other JBF sales around the U.S. that use this, it is something we do not do.

2) “Does my clothing need to be on hangers?”
YUP! All of it – with exceptions of things that sell better in zip top bags (tights, bibs, etc). Any ol’ hanger will do! And when you’re hanging up your clothing, kindly have your hanger looking like a “?” – thanks!

Got more questions? Ask away!!


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