One Week Out!

Set up at the DeltaPlex  begins one week from today. Drop off is a week from tomorrow – which means the JBF GR/Kzoo team is in overdrive! We’re totally excited for the fall sale in our new location. We’re confident this gives us the ability to grow with you and we can’t wait to see what happens.

With about a week to go, some of you are thinking “oy vey, I haven’t even started – what do I do!?!”

It’s not a perfect set of suggestions, but it will get you motivated and hopefully seeing us in a few short days. If you’ve got limited time and you’re still at the beginning, here is what we suggest:

  1. Find the pile that bugs you the most in your home. Start there. It might be a hodge podge, but you can get it into the system and feel accomplished.
  2. No “bothersome” pile? Aim for high-value items. Toys (especially big ones), puzzles, groups of books, great name-brand clothing. Get a bang for you buck if you can only find time to tag 50 items or so.
  3. Pick one size of clothing to master. This will make entering your tags very easy with the “rapid entry” system.
  4. Skip the Spring/Summer items for now. If you’re short on time, go for Fall/Winter items. All seasons do sell – but this can help you put your pile into perspective.

Pick something that will reward your time and effort – your cluttered space – or your bank account. Start there – and know that you can do it!!

Happy Tagging!!


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