Supply Costs for Items

We recently got a really great question about the supplies needed to consign with JBF and their cost.

With so many people signing up to consign right before the Grand Rapids event, we thought we’d take a moment to outline an average for you to consider. Keep in mind, this is just one consignor – you could invest a little more or a little less based on your needs and items entered.

Unlike a mom-to-mom sale where you man your own table (haggle your own prices, too), our “department store” set up allows for maximum exposure to specific items shoppers are after. As such, each item does need a bar coded tag – and it’s got to be visible on each and every item. The bar code gets you paid – so it’s worth it!!

Here’s the breakdown for one consignor:

200 pieces of clothing, 20 books, 20 toys, 20 baby items, 10 pair of shoes, 5 outdoor items, 10 accessories, 10 Mommy mart, 5 sporting goods = 300 items

  • Cardstock: $4 for 50 sheets (9 tags per sheet at 50 sheets gets me 855 tags, so I will have more for next time)
  • Safety Pins (Dollar store): $3 for 300
  • Hangers: I had 50, I needed 150 more @ $0.10/ea = $15
  • Roll of packing tape (Dollar store): $1
  • 2 boxes gallon size zip close bags (Dollar store) $2 for 20
$25 spent….300 items divided by $25 spent is $0.083 each item. And next time, they won’t need cardstock!
Again, this is just one person with 300 items – you might want a tagging gun to speed things up (it can be used time and again). You might need more safety pins, etc. But our hope is to help you keep your cost to prep your items as low as possible. If we find a better/cheaper/more inventive way to help drive down costs, you can guarantee we’ll share it.
Got an idea to help? Let us know!!
Good luck tagging throughout the weekend – see you Sunday or Monday!

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