….”oh my goodness, now I get it! This is easier than I thought” – on tagging and getting stuff in the system.

….”gracious me, I had more stuff to get rid of than I thought!” -once she saw how many tags she’d entered.

….”you mean I don’t have to stand there and watch my table of stuff??” – on learning the difference of JBF vs. a Mom-to-Mom sale.

….”seventy five thousand items? Are you guys serious?”  -on finding out how big a JBF GR sale is. Girl, we’re just getting started. 100K or bust, baby!


…”You’ll take that, too??” -on finding out that our inventory selection is ginormous. Is that even a word??! 

…”I love you people.” –on someone just paying the love forward. Yea, we love you, too!

This is just in the last seven days – being on this side of the computer screen is immensely rewarding. We’re so grateful for your support of JBF in Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo. This isn’t possible without you.

Keep the comments coming…we’re always listening. (and loving!!)



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