It’s a Wrap!

What an amazing sale! We hope you enjoyed the new venue for us (for some of our long time consignors – it’s back to an old venue!) and that you cleared the clutter and collected some cash.

Pick up time is 1pm – 3pm tomorrow. At 3pm, items that are not picked up will be donated. We highly suggest looking at your reports online to ensure that you want to drive to pick it up. Some of you have just a handful of things left! Save the gas – and donate to some great charities!  You don’t need to let us know – if it’s still there at 3pm, it’ll be included in the donate pile.

Checks will be processed in the next few days. It takes a few days to reconcile any sales that did not scan by the computer – they were manually entered – and from there the checks will be emailed to you. We’ll let you know through Facebook and this blog so that you can check your email.

We’re wrapping up a great event and we look forward to still chatting with you weekly throughout the winter on this blog. See you in the Spring!!


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