Kzoo, We’re Coming!

We are less than two weeks out from our second sale in Kalamazoo! We’re so excited to bring one of the nation’s biggest consignment sales to the area – but we’re more excited about connecting with the community. Offering families a way to clear their clutter and create cash – as well as support the Kalamazoo Dream Center as a way to Buy Local and Stay Local.

If you haven’t signed up to sell at this fantastic event, know that it is super simple!

  • Go to our site
  • Register as a consignor for the event
  • Tag your items – it’ll take a little bit of prep work – but you’re home, in your element (in your jammies, even!) and you’ll get yourself all set
  • Drop off your items on Wednesday, Oct 5 and that’s it!! No tables to man, to prices to haggle – and THREE DAYS of selling time.

Once the sale is over, checks are emailed to you within a week. It’s really easy to get your house emptied and get that bank account a little thicker before the holiday season arises.

Come on, join us! Thousands of shoppers can’t be wrong!


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