Tagging Tip Tuesday – It’s in the Detail!

One of our beloved JBF Owners loves to sing the mantra of appropriate tagging “BCD, if you please!”

Brand. Color. Description.

Oh, let me tell you how important this is. See this rack:


That’s just one rack – of many – where the tag fell off the item, we scoured the complete database and still couldn’t match a tag up to its owner.

The result? No sale – and to the lost and found pile it goes.

SO SAD!! I’m crying on my receipt – I really wanted that xyz-pdq outfit! Alas, no tag, no sale. Bummer!

Here’s a gentle, loving reminder of what won’t work for a tag:


“Clothing”  This was a tag without a home. There is no way we can match that to anything – so essentially, it’s wasted time for the consignor who cleaned it, hung it, entered it, tagged it and got it to the sale. We want you to earn as much as you can – and tags with descriptions get lovingly matched all throughout the event.

So, let’s say this was for a pair of jeans. BCD if you please!
Sonoma, dark wash, jeans with snap

Or a sweater:
Merona, green white stripe sweater

Yes, using a generic like “clothing” helps you mass produce tags. But the moment that tag falls off, it’s not possible to sell your item. It takes a smidge longer, we know. But it’s worth it. Besides, for you talk-to-text gurus, you can do that on your phone or tablet and talk-tag away. Super simple!

So, please, oh please, BCD!!


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