I Still Need…..

…well, bam, here’s the rain and the cooler temps we’re all used to this time of year. As I write this, I am confident it will be 70 again next week – as I sit here shivering under a blanket drinking tea.

shopper-jbf-250x250It’ll be 70* and then it might snow. And we’ll be back up to warm temperatures until Oct. 30 and it’ll rain and freeze and sleet for Halloween. Life in West Michigan, right?!

But, while I can prepare for the weather like a Mitten Native, I can’t prepare for my son’s rapid growth in the last six weeks. The kid is a weed! Alas, his extra gym shoes don’t fit, his pants are too short and the tag in his play coat “scratches me funny, momma, it’s not cool.”

Far be it for me to inflict such misery – and uncoolness – on my elementary schooler! Alas, JBF to the rescue. Our focus for the week ahead is to share just how easy it will be to fix clothing (or toy or supply or what-have-you) needs and turn them in to bargains galore! JBF can help you fill in all those holes, literally and figuratively, that have popped up without explanation this fall.

costumes-againWant to get ready for Halloween? Come on!

Need an extra set of gloves? We’ll have them!

Need gym shoes for school? Yup!


Want to get in a little Christmas shopping while you’re at it? Let’s go!

JBF has it all – and we’re ready to see you! Drop off begins in just a few days and the shopping will be well underway a week from now. Hooray! See you soon!


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