Get a Move On – Jumping Skills

Wow! It’s been a while! We’re back to our regularly scheduled “non-sale” posts about keeping your family in tune with what’s going on in regards to kids, recalls, safety, fun things to do – and frankly, keeping your sanity, too!

Our next installment of Get a Move On is aptly timed for a glorious weekend ahead. We’re in a true West Michigan Fall where it was so chilly this morning we needed gloves, but now we’re sweating in the sun and longing for the flip flops we wanted to wear. Am I right, or am I right?!

When we last left throwing, catching, kicking and so on – we still needed to cover one more subject: jumping!

Because if your kid was anything like mine at 3, the jump was more of a wobble. By 4, it was a gallop. Age 5 brought at least a leap – and now we’re seeing cartwheels and acrobatic stunts that keep the ER in business.

Alas – some tips about jumping:

It seems pretty simple, but even the easiest tasks take a little getting used to before they are mastered. Just like the tips on kicking, the tips on jumping over (forward), up or down will help your child become more confident in the motor skills they need. Not only does coordination build self-esteem, but it helps playing games on the playground too!

  • Stress a safe, upright landing – “you’re going to land on both feet”
  • Efficient jumps include a little crouch, full arm swing and a two-foot take off.
  • Cue your child “when your legs jump up (or out), your arms go up!”
  • Practice different kinds of jumps: jump over, jump up, jump down
  • When jumping over, use a target to aim for
  • When jumping up, look at the target first
  • When jumping down, stand or kneel in front of your child to keep him/her from falling forward.

Get outside this weekend! Rake some leaves – and jump like crazy. It’ll be snow-season before we know it!


This is part of the Get a Move On series – keeping your child healthy through activity and movement.


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