The Most Popular Kid’s Costumes for 2016

Thanks to the JBF Corporate Blog for passing on this post about kid’s costumes for Halloween. If your house is anything like ours, plans are being concocted and revised almost on a daily basis!!

Here’s hoping for a Spooktacular lead up to a fun day with your kids!


batman-1126127_1280-1024x682October is here which means it’s time to start thinking about one of the most exciting (and maybe spookiest) nights of the year! Halloween is fun for the whole family, and kids love dressing up in the coolest costumes. What will the most popular Halloween costumes for this year be? It is easy to tell from this year’s most popular movies, the coolest toys, or cartoons. Here are some of the most popular kid’s costumes you can expect to see for Halloween 2016:

Star Wars: The new Star Wars movie was a huge hit this year! No doubt you will be seeing lots of Jedis, Storm Troopers, and Kylo Rens running around your neighborhood this year. Because these movies are a hit for all ages, the whole family could dress up as their favorite Star Wars characters. May the force and all the good candy be with you.

Disney: You can never go wrong with the classic Disney costumes. This year expect to see a lot of Disney descendants outfits and of course, our beloved fish: Dori and Nemo.

Ghostbusters: This classic movie is back and your neighborhood streets will be ghost free thanks to those brave Ghostbuster trick or treaters.

Superheroes: It seems like every year a new Avenger movie comes out, and every year this is one of the coolest costumes for Halloween. Expect to see a lot of Captain Americas and Iron Mans. The girls will be just as heroic in the Wonder Woman costumes!

Shopkins: These little toys are all the rage with the young girls, and they will love dressing up as their favorite Shopkin whether it is Apple Blossom or Kookie Cookie.

Let your children help pick out their costume so they will love it and have fun wearing it. Whether your child chooses one of these popular costumes or the classic ghost costume, he or she is sure to be the coolest trick or treater in the neighborhood. Enjoy Halloween with your children and go all out to make their costumes the best of the night!


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