From BOO! To Thank You!

I might be a little too sneaky for my own good. With all the awesome Halloween decor up for a month already, I’m beginning to long for Thanksgiving. In cleaning the bathroom, I snuck out a small piece of decor (yes, my kids help decorate now – and yes, they pick the bathroom. But hey, that’s what makes it fun!).

I crept over to the box, placed the mummy underneath some bubble wrap – knowing that I’ll keep the rest of it up until tomorrow night. And on Tuesday morning, I’ll gladly say goodbye to Frankenstein and say hello to Thanksgiving.

So I found it rather cute that today’s lead story on the JBF Corporate Blog was all about transitioning from BOO to Thank You- and thought their post was perfect for today.


Transitioning Pumpkin Décor from Halloween to Thanksgiving


During the month of October, the decorations usually consist of skeletons, ghosts and of course, pumpkins! This fruit is very versatile as a decoration. Even better, you can also use it to decorate for Thanksgiving! Here are a few ideas to transition pumpkin décor from Halloween to Thanksgiving:

Spray Paint: An easy way to turn your Halloween pumpkins into thanksgiving décor is to spray paint them. You can use dark fall colors such as maroon, navy, or gold. You can also use metallic colors such as silver or bronze for a dressier feel.

Center Piece: If you did not carve your pumpkin for Halloween, then carve it for thanksgiving! Instead of cutting a face into the pumpkin, carve out the center of it and leave a large hole at the top. Place your favorite fall flowers inside to make a centerpiece for the dinner table or outside by the doorstep.

Candle Holders: You can also carve the middle out of smaller pumpkins and insert candles in them to add a festive glow to your décor. These are great for the fireplace or the dining table.

Cornucopia: Thanksgiving décor would not be complete without at least one cornucopia lying around. Fill it with your small leftover pumpkins along with fall leaves and gourds for a seasonal arrangement.

Pumpkins are great for the whole season! Use pumpkins for all of your fall holidays and get creative when transitioning them from Halloween to Thanksgiving. What other ways do you like to decorate with pumpkins?


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