Surviving the Road Trip

Gas prices are down, car trips are up. Plain and simple. But are you ready to survive the onslaught of turkey and tryptophan with your toddlers in tow?

Thanks to the JBF Corporate Blog – check out some ideas for surviving a road trip to Grandma’s house (or Cracker Barrel if the turkey explodes!).

travelling-1348334_1280-1024x682During the holidays, many families plan to take a vacation, but this can be challenging with younger kids. Keeping kids entertained especially at a young age. How many times do they ask “are we there yet?” This is every kid’s favorite question when going on vacation because let’s be honest who isn’t excited to go somewhere new and fun. But I’m here to fill you in a few of my road trip secrets to make the drive more bearable.

  1. Movies

This is crucial to bring. Not only will it keep kids from being loud and impatient but it also puts them to sleep. Even if your vehicle doesn’t come with TVs in it, you more than likely have an Ipad or Iphone. You can find any movie on youtube. Kids LOVE this!

  1. Games

Have you ever heard of the alphabet game? My family can’t go on a single trip without playing this game. It’s super simple and lasts a while. All you have to do is go around the car and everyone has to find a word that starts with an A,B,C..etc. But two people can’t use the same word. The first person to get to Z wins. You can use street signs, license plates, restaurant names and more.

  1. Colors and coloring book/paper

This can keep kids entertained for HOURS!! Find a clipboard, some markers and paper and you are set for the longest of road trips. You can even turn it into a game by telling your kids whoever comes up with the most creative drawing gets a prize or candy.

The next time you and your family takes off for a little get away remember these few tips to help you and your husband survive. Don’t let what’s suppose to be family fun time be ruined by crazy kids that ask “are we there yet” every 5 seconds.


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