Get a Move On – The Written Word

While the “Three R’s” aren’t actually “R’s” (reading, writing and arithmetic) – they are fundamental to your child’s progress – and hopefully fun, too! Just as your child’s progress in gross motor skills (movement) and verbal motor skills (communication) is important, check to see if your child is on track in these literacy areas:


  • Shows increasing ability to discriminate and identify sounds
  • Shows growing awareness to the beginning and end of words

Book Knowledge:

  • Shows growing interest in listening to and discussing books
  • Shows interest in reading-related activities (such as asking for a favorite book to read)

Print Awareness:

  • Develops growing understanding of signs, letters, lists
  • Recognizes that letters form words and words are separated by spaces

Early Writing:

  • Begins to represent stories and experiences through pictures, dictation and in play
  • Progresses from scribbles and pictures to ideas and writing familiar words

Are you reading to your child each day? Crack open that book and dive in!


This is part of the Get a Move On series – keeping your child healthy through activity and movement.


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