Perfect Stocking Stuffers

Thanks to the JBF Corporate Blog for these fun ideas!

christmas-518587_1280-1024x768Stocking stuffers are a must on your Christmas shopping list. These are the small items that add the extra excitement to the Christmas stocking. Here are some great stocking stuffer ideas that are also inexpensive:

Lip Balm: An easy filler to put in everyone’s stocking is lip balm. There are many brands that are great for your lips and taste even better.

Socks: It sounds like a boring gift, but a cozy pair of socks is a good find in the stocking. Buy crazy, sporty, or fuzzy socks for the kid that can never find them.

Phone Cases: If your child has a cell phone, a phone case is the perfect stocking stuffer. There are many cool cases that are very inexpensive, but also very cool. It is the best way to upgrade your child’s cell phone without spending a fortune.

Cute Stationery: For the girls that love to write notes and make lists, give them cute stationary. Maybe they will write Santa a thank you card for all of your great stocking stuffers.

Stickers: To go with the stationery!

Hot Wheels: There are so many to choose from and they’re ever little boy’s dream. Get a car from fun movies like Back to the Future, Star Wars or Batman and he’ll be busy for hours.

Extra Long Chargers: If you have an iPhone, you know the struggle of using a short phone charger. Put an extra-long charging cord in your child’s stocking, and he will be forever grateful.

Movies: You do not have to spend a fortune on this gift. Opt for the $5 deals on the classics that everyone should have in a movie collection. Great gift for a family movie night.

Stocking stuffers do not have to be expensive! Use these ideas to fill your child’s stocking with great small gifts.


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