On Listening

I wanted to call my mom today and ask her a question. My five year old had already asked me 37 questions and it was only 9am. I was probably going to lose all my marbles by 9:05am, so I needed to distract myself. I figured one question to my mom at forty-mummble-mumble years old wouldn’t be too out of line. She is a pro on handling a gazillion questions.

I think I could write a lengthy post about how parenting isn’t easy – sometimes question number 38 is really just going to break the camel’s back. There’s so much going on right now – the slide into the holidays, the last few days of school, presents or trips or dinners or in-laws or missing loved ones. It can be a time of joy – and a time of great stress.

But it was this familiar little saying that prompted this post to begin with:


It’s a quote from Catherine Wallace found on movemequotes.com – and it sums up how at times we just have to suck it up if we hit question 38 before Word World comes on at 9:30am. (Friends, if you have not found Word World out by now… get thee to PBS; Dog, Ant, Duck, Pig and Sheep are the best!!)

The holidays will come and go. The snow will melt. They’ll get back into schooling rhythms soon! But take time to listen. It is one of the best gifts you can give them.

(And if you feel like you just want to scream – come share it on our VIP Facebook page – as we will surround you with love, compassion, acceptance and maybe even a beverage of your choice!)


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