Get a Move On – The Numbers Game

Do you remember “One, two, buckle my shoe!” Do you end each day with “Five little monkeys jumping on the bed?” Little songs that help children learn to count are invaluable to their growth in mathematics. However, just as important as counting to 10 is their ability to see things spatially and be able to find patterns. Check out your child’s mathematics skills with the following benchmarks:

Numbers & Operations

  • Develops ability to count in order to 10 and beyond
  • Begins to use language to compare numbers of objects with terms such as more, less, greater than, less than

Geometry & Spatial Sense

  • Progresses in ability to put together and take apart shapes
  • Increasingly aware of up, down, over, under, top, bottom, inside and outside

Patterns & Measurement

  • Increasing ability to match, sort, put in a series and regroup objects
  • Begins to make comparisons between objects on a single attribute

Don’t forget to add movement to your counting! Perhaps they don’t need to be jumping on the bed – but counting stairs – or how many times they can reach for the sky while you cook dinner – every little bit counts. And the added perk? You just might tire them out a little faster for bedtime! Who doesn’t love bedtime!!

This is part of the Get a Move On series – keeping your child healthy through activity and movement.


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