Happy New Year!

2017-gold-1473177563gn8My kids are just beside themselves with anticipation and glee. I daresay they might like New Years Eve more than Christmas or birthdays. Ok, that might be a stretch, but today is such a fun day for them.

I’ll admit, as I’ve gotten older, watching holidays come and go through my children’s eyes has given me joy in ways I didn’t think possible. What they understand, what they comprehend; what they treasure and remember. Their wide-eyed wonderment never ceases to amaze me.

They’ll look forward to Dance Party Marathon tonight – and streamers and balloons. They’ll get to pop little balloons and toot horns with glee. And they’ll talk about it for weeks to come. I’ll forget half of it – but for them, it’s seared on their heart with tremendous joy.

NYE might be a huge thing in your home – it may be quiet, subdued, celebrated at 8pm in lieu of midnight – or unobserved (for your sanity and theirs!). In any event, the close of one year and the start of a fresh one gives us a chance to say thanks. Or more like


…for supporting our charities, for helping us in our desire to serve West Michigan families. Thank you for becoming friends with us – sharing your own journey as we all walk through life. Thank you for supporting us in ways that we didn’t think conceivable.

It’s a fresh year – a blank page where anything and everything is possible. We wish you joy and happiness – love in our homes and peace for us all.

Happy New Year to you and yours – we’ll see you soon!


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