Sharing I Love You’s With Kids

Thanks to JBF Corporate for another good blog post! It’s certainly Valentine Fever around here – our kids just love to make valentines and share the love.

In fact, we’re all pretty big fans of sharing love – with neighbors, teachers, friends, family – and even showing love and kindness to the strangers we meet who cross our paths at just the right time.

It may be a wintery day in January – but really, when is it a bad time to share some love? Here’s to you and yours!

valentines-dayValentine’s Day is the day to tell everyone how much you love them, especially your kids. While the three simple words mean a lot, there are other ways to tell your children how much they mean to you on Valentine’s Day that will truly help them feel the love. Check out these cute ways to say “I love you” to your kids:

The How-To:

  • Breakfast: Show your kids your love with a big breakfast on Valentine’s day. Make the breakfast complete with heart shaped pancakes, all of their favorite toppings, and delicious side items. Try to keep it healthy since they will be eating lots of sweet treats and candy.
  • Handwritten Valentine: Valentine cards mean so much more when they are handwritten. Tell your kids how special they are with a meaningful valentine card or letter. This could be a special tradition for every year. They will cherish it, especially when they are older. There is nothing like hearing how much mom and dad love you.
  • Sweet Treats: Make homemade candies and treats with your kids. They will love spending time in the kitchen with you and will definitely feel loved (and full of chocolate) when the baking is over. Use cute cookie cutters, colored icing, and festive sprinkles to top your treats off.

Valentine gifts are great, but these ideas and activities are meaningful and special ways to say “I love you” to your children on Valentine’s Day. Make sure in the midst of all the kid activities you are sure to tell your spouse how much you appreciate and love them!


Spotlight on Safety – Recall Notice

We sell an insane amount of exersaucers – and we check every last one of them for recalls. One of the popular ones that does have a recall notice is the Baby Einstein Activity Jumper that has a yellow sun.


This sun was known to rebound causing an impact hazard. You may simply remove the sun – or contact KidsII for a replacement toy attachment.

Get a Move On – Developing the Individual

funky-kidsYour child is a beautiful individual – special and unique in his/her own right. As your child becomes more aware that others are part of their universe, it’s important to encourage individuality as well as being part of society. Take a look at a few benchmarks below – as your child blossoms, keep track of their milestones and discuss any concerns with your pediatrician.


  • Begins to develop and express awareness of self in terms of abilities and characteristics
  • Develops capacity for independence in activities, routines and tasks


  • Shows progress in expressing feelings, needs and opinions in difficult circumstances and conflicts without harming themselves, others or property
  • Develops a growing understanding of how their actions affect others


  • Increases ability to sustain interactions with peers by helping, sharing and discussing
  • Shows increasing ability to use compromise and discussion in working, playing and resolving conflicts

This is part of the Get a Move On series – keeping your child healthy through activity and movement.

Opt In Texting

Here’s a fun little tidbit we learned from the JBF Conference this week – texts are viewed in under a minute or two – emails are viewed in terms of hours.

We’re a fast-paced, freight train of a world – and texting is a great option for sharing quick bits of information.

So, new to 2017, we’re launching texting to and from JBF! Woo hoo! We’re completely excited about offering you a way to get quick tidbits from us (and having a chance win some great prizes as we get ready to start our Spring sales!

Did you see this:


It was on our Facebook page – and was a fun success for us! We’ll be doing more contests through our Event Page, our Business Page – and through texting. So opt in, you’re going to love the quick info (and great prizes, too!).

How Do I Get Started?!


Meet a cute little baby who has the four critical steps for being successful at a JBF Sale – Gather, Prep, Price and Pack!

But, what happens when you gather and what does prep mean? It’s a little fluid – as many people do it differently, but in an attempt to make a video and show you – check this out:

It’s unedited and it’s raw footage – the downside to having a video option on your phone! But, you get the drift.

More little tidbits to follow – happy tagging!


Pricing Help

Pricing! One of our challenges that we love to help educate on.

Some people have a strong attachment to a piece – others really find a deal at once price point when others see it slightly higher or lower. We know we can’t ever be 100% consistent on exactly the same garments, but our hope is to provide you with a general overview – so that our shoppers…your buyers…feel they are getting a good deal and you’re getting a good check.

We posted this to Facebook recently (are you on our Facebook page? What about our VIP page? We want you!) – and we think it might give you the guidance you’re after. If you need help on any item, please don’t hesitate to ask!


Spotlight on Safety – Recall Notice

While it is not bike/trike riding season yet, many of you might be getting ready to purchase – or purge – some ride on toys at our upcoming sale. (Psst, they sell like hotcakes!!!)

Please note a recall from Fisher Price on Trikes and Tough Trikes ride on toys – as there is an ignition key that sits out causing injury to children if they fell. A replacement key is available for you by contacting Fisher Price.

If you have this trike and want to sell it, please ensure the replacement key is ready to go, go, GO!


Get a Move On – Music That Moves You

music-11Creative Arts is not limited to wealthy patrons in opera boxes or the superstar on the radio – it’s the very painting your child creates, the plays they put on and the songs they sing. Encourage your child to create as their mind and imagination develops. Show them that the stars they see can become their very own!

In our continuing series of Get a Move On – we look at fundamental benchmarks of where your young child should be relative to their peers. As always, with any concerns you have, make sure to speak to your pediatrician. Each child is perfectly made in his/her own way!


  • Participates with increasing interest in musical activities
  • Experiments with a variety of instruments


  • Progresses in ability to draw, paint, model for creative expression
  • Gains the ability in using different art media and materials


  • Expresses through movement and dancing what is felt and heard through music
  • Shows growth in moving in time to music

Dramatic Play

  • Participates in a variety of dramatic play that become more extended and complex
  • Shows growing creativity and imagination in using materials and in assuming different roles in play situations

This is part of the Get a Move On series – keeping your child healthy through activity and movement.

Bundle Up!

My little ones just begged to go outside today – and frankly, I wished I could have sent them. But it’s just too cold for their little bodies. Fortunately, a little “heat wave” is on the way – we’ll break out of single digits, soon! Can I get a woot woot!!

But when it is time for them to go outside and play in the snow – make it a safe experience. Here’s a few great tips from the JBF Corporate Blog today about little ones and outside. Keep warm, JBF friends!

From JBF Corporate

little-boy-sleddingThe season of fall reminds us of so many wonderful things – pumpkin spice candles, hot cocoa, and that crisp breeze in the air. That is, until winter rolls around. Eventually, going outside becomes a dreaded chore. Don’t let the drop in temperature keep your kids from having fun outside! The cold winter months don’t automatically mean that you and your kids have to stay locked inside the house. You and your family can enjoy some outdoor time with these easy tips!

Dress in Layers

This has been proven to be the most effective way to dress in the winter. This allows you to add or remove any layers you’re wearing, depending on what you’re doing and what conditions you may be experiencing. When layering you should put on at least three layers. For the first layer, this should consist of thermal tees, leggings, or thick socks. For the second layer, you should use sweatshirts, vest, jackets, or pull-overs. Wool or fleece is most effective for the second layer. For the third layer, you should use a thick, heavy jacket that has a waterproof exterior.

Take Breaks

Whether you’re taking a break after 15, 30, or 45 minutes, make sure you’re not spending hours outside and then coming in outside. Our bodies work hard to keep warm, especially when we’re exerting physical activity. Sometimes, when kids are having fun they don’t realize it until it’s too late. Make sure to take frequent breaks to avoid getting sick.

Drink Liquids

In addition to taking breaks, keeping hydrated is just as important. Make sure to provide liquids during every break and also make sure liquids are available outside. Warm liquids and soups are recommended during cold weather. Water is also always a good choice.

Use Sunscreen

Lastly, sunburns are not isolated to warm weather. It’s important to not only protect your children from cold weather, but also from harmful sun rays. Make sure to apply sunscreen to all exposed areas, and use your personal discretion for SPF requirements.

Take these tips seriously, in order to stay healthy and have fun this winter. Have any suggestions for weathering the cold winter? Let us know!

No Time to Tag? Valet Options Abound!

valetIs a cleaner playroom on your list of goals? Is de-cluttering your house on your resolution list? Sign up to sell your gently loved items at the next JBF sale and turn that clutter into Ca$h!

There are two ways…prep and tag your items yourself or if time is an issue, sign up to have your items Valet Tagged. Our Valet Tagging Team is amazing. They take your cleaned, sorted and ready-to-go items (boxed or bagged – talk with your valet tagger once you’ve established contact) and sit back and wait for your check! It’s that easy.

Information including consignor percentages, consignor fees and the fine print about the condition of your items can be found by clicking here.

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