Spotlight on Safety – Recall Notice

lt-pink-swingWith Spring almost here, we know you’ll be anxious to get your love-bugs (or, in our case, germ-bugs) outside for some fresh air.

Please note a recent recall notice for the Little Tikes Pink Snug-n-Secure Swing. From the site: The swings have a pink T-shaped restraint in front with a Little Tikes logo. The swing is suspended by four yellow ropes.  The model number 615573 is molded on the back of the swing seat and there is a manufacturing date code stamp on the back of the seat. The molded INNER arrow of the date code stamp points to “10”, “11”, “12” or “13”, it is included in the recall.  In addition, swings with a date code stamp of “9” on the INNER arrow combined with “43” or higher number stamped on the OUTER are included in this recall. No other date codes or other colored swings are affected. 

A refund can be issued if you have this swing.


Organizing Your Tags

Did you happen to see this on our VIP Facebook Page a week or so ago? It’s just one idea to cut your tags in a specific way that keeps them in order.

Less cuts = time savings
Tags in order = more time savings

More time savings = a good thing!!

Mom & Son Dates

As mommas of boys – five of them between the owners, and countless more with all their volunteers – this article offered great ways for us to continue to connect with our sons. Thanks to the JBF Corporate Blog for the great post!

mom-and-son.jpg5 Important Mom and Son Dates

Mom and Son Date Ideas

  1. A Trip to the Fire Station: This is a great way to give some real world experience at a young age.  This also is a date that saves money while having some fun. Plus, most little boys love trucks, so he is sure to have fun.
  2. Movie Night: Nothing beats staying in and cuddling up in front of the tv with some snacks. Get a few options together, that you can enjoy, and let your boy make the final decision.
  3. Dinner Date: Make him get dressed up even if your taking him to Buffalo Wild Wings. He will feel special and important, especially since it’s one on one.
  4. Scavenger Hunt: This can happen at the house or at the local park. It doesn’t have to be difficult or lengthy just meaningful and fun.
  5. Get Cooking: Making something together is the best way to bond. This may not feel like a typical date but it’s teaching life skills while soaking up quality time with what’s most important, your child!

We hope you love these ideas as much as we do. Quality time with your boy is more important than anything else you may have going on. It is hard to put life on hold but we must do it in order to give our children the love they want and need.


Get a Move On – The Right Age, Part 2

In our last Get a Move On post, the “right age” for your baby’s development marked milestones from holding his/her head up to walking. This time we thought we’d show you what’s likely to happen once mobility has taken hold and your little one doesn’t seem so little anymore!

Average Age Age Range Motor Behavior
1.5 Years 1.3 – 1.8 Years Run
2.0 Years 1.8 – 2.5 Years Gallop & Double Jump
2.5 Years 2 – 3 Years Vertical Jump
3.2 Years 3 – 4 Years Stand Alone on One Foot (5 Sec.)
3.3 Years 3 – 4 Years Standing Long Jump
3.4 Years 3 – 4 Years Hop
4.5 Years 4 – 5 Years Skip


Just like that, your little one is a “hop, skip and jump” away from entering school, ready to take on the world. Enjoy the bunny hop and skipping through the front lawn, college will be here soon enough.

As always, if you ever have any concerns, please talk to your pediatrician. All kids grow and learn at their own pace!

This is part of the Get a Move On series – keeping your child healthy through activity and movement.

Revisited – Where to Find Those Hangers!

clothing-rackWe often get the question of “what’s the deal with hangers?” At JBF, all clothing items must come on hangers and items that come to the sale on hanger are sold on the hanger. So, you need to stock up in order to prep your items. Here are some free and low cost ideas:

* Dig in those closets and find hangers you aren’t using. We really don’t care what kind of hangers you use (tubular, wire, etc.). We do suggest child size hangers for 4T and under. Just make sure your garments stay on the hangers. If they look like they want to slip off, be sure and pin them with a safety pin to the hanger. Items that fall of the hangers may not be seen under the racks or can get dirty. Please skip the thick wooden hangers as garments tend to slip off them.

* Ask your friends/family if they’re willing to part with any. Most everyone has hangers laying around they aren’t using – especially those from the dry cleaners.

* Post on your moms forums that you’re looking for free hangers.

* Post under the “wanted” section of Craigslist that you are looking for FREE hangers.

* Ask retailers if they’ve got any extras you could have (you’d be surprised!) – Old Navy has a box under their registers with hangers. The outlet stores seem to be a good resource as well. It can be hit or miss, depending on the mood of the cashier/sales person, so ask wherever you go!

* Ask your local dry cleaner.

* Have your spouse, family member or yourself ask co-workers. They will often have them have extras they are not using. They may even start bringing you in all their extras.

* Be sure and save those hangers when you purchase retail (remember to save them between sales so you have a ready supply for the next event).

* Bonus, you get to keep the hangers from the garments that you purchase at JBF. Recycle them for the next event!
If you must purchase (ugh!):
* Dollar Tree, Dollar Stores, Walmart, Target and Big Lots all carry hangers – baby/child size hangers in the baby section tend to be cheaper.

* We have wire hangers available for purchase for 12 for $1.00. Please call or email Melissa to coordinate.

Please don’t wait until the last minute to collect hangers. As the sale approaches, more and more consignors are on the lookout for hangers thus lessening local store supplies.

We hope you’ve found this helpful. If you come across a great resource, please share and we’ll add it to this document and tell other consignors about it on our Facebook page!

Happy Tagging!

8 Things You Should Be Cleaning

I’m in cleaning mode – all the JBF stuff that’s about to be purged from the house – plus all the little dust bunnies that get left behind.

But, today’s JBF Corporate blog post cleaning.jpgalso mentioned a few other things I forget to clean. Yucko!! Get thee to the remote!

(Oh, and not a Clorox fan? Use your Norwex…use your enzyme cleaner…use what you need to, just get the bugs outta there!)

As moms, we keep our house tidy with small chores throughout the week. If we’re lucky we get a cleaning day in on the weekend. Cleaning the counters, the bathrooms, and washing the clothes is vital to an organized and healthy household. However, there are some other objects that are in need of desperate attention.

Cleaning List

  1. Remote Controls: These are filled with bacteria, get a Clorox wipe ASAP!
  2. Steering Wheels: Your hands should be as clean as possible when you go to get the babies out.
  3. Sink Plugs: You know that silver little metal circle that goes up and down when you pull the lever? There is so much hair wrapped around that baby! Pull it out and see for yourself.
  4. Vents: Wrap a rag around a butter knife and run through each slat. Every time the heat or AC kicks on dust is being blown all over the room if the vent is dirty.
  5. Can Openers: You’ve probably never cleaned this. Imagine the food it has touched and then been thrown back in the drawer.
  6. Legos: If you don’t have these little devils around yet, lucky you! If you do through them in an undergarment bag and toss them in the washing machine!
  7. Bath Mats: This seems a little more obvious once you think about it, toss those mats in the wash! Water gets trapped in the material and mildew begins to form.
  8. Toothbrush Holders: These always look like they need some attention but it never happens. We store something that goes in our mouth in here after all so let’s just get to cleaning!

Some of these are obvious, some not so much. What’s important is making sure you are cleaning these things every once in a while. Even more important; clean with something that is baby-sensitive. Your baby puts their hands and mouth on everything.

Spotlight on Safety – Recall Notice

As my daughter likes to hear me say “Oy to the vey!” We’ve been working our way down a JBF list of the Top 25 most recalled items. We’re finally at the last one and I’ll admit, it’s a biggie: Graco Strollers.

The hinge mechanism can have issues – and there have been reports of finger lacerations and amputations because of this hinge. The Graco list includes: Aspen, Breeze, Capri, Cirrus, Glider, Kite, LiteRider, Sierra, Solara, Sterling and TravelMate. They were manufactured from 2000 to 2014 – here’s a photo of just a few of them:


There is a repair kit and it can be obtained by contacting Graco. Keep those precious, pudgy fingers safe!

Zone Drop Off is Coming!

zone-drop-off-1The 2017 GR Spring Sale floorplan is almost done. It takes countless hours to get that plan in place for you to have an efficient shopping and selling experience. Countless!!

But we’re almost there – and this Spring, we’ll be introducing Zone Drop Off. We heard from Tacoma, WA that this is a huge time saver for both the seller – and the volunteers who set it all up to be a beautiful floor on opening day!

So as I sat here finishing up another bag of tags, I started to think about how to pack my back to maximize my efficiency at drop off.

Essentially, we’ll have 6 zones for our table items. We’ll focus on:

  1. Infant, Mommy, Feeding
  2. Accessories: girls, boys, gender neutral
  3. Toys: infant, girls, boys
  4. Crafts, Room Decor & Mommy Mart
  5. Sporting Goods, Electronics, Backpacks/Bags
  6. Books, Puzzles, DVDs

Of course, we’ll still have all our other sections: Highchairs, strollers, clothes, shoes, etc. This is just for the items that get set on tables.

SO! If you’re starting to work on your tags and starting to pack up boxes, totes or bins, you might want to place “like items” near each other.

Do you have to? Of course not.

Do you want to? Probably! You’ll find that you’ll save time in your drop off.

We’ll explain more about zone drop off in the coming weeks – but for now, for my early birds, pack well little birdies, pack well!

Get a Move On – The Right Age

Many of the recent columns have focused on where your child should be in motor skills and educational achievement. While the benchmarks are just guidelines, you may find it helpful to know the average age range for many skills your little one will develop in the next few months.

Average Age Age Range Motor Behavior
1.6 Months 0.7 – 4 Months Head erect & steady
2.3 Months 1-5 Months Prop sit
3.5 Months 2-4.5 Months Lift head, shoulders, full forearm
5.3 Months 4-8 Months Sits alone momentarily
6.4 Months 4-10 Months Unilateral reaching
8.1 Months 4-10 Months Rolls over
8.8 Months 6-12 Months Cruises along furniture
11 Months 9-16 Months Stands momentarily without support
11.7 Months 9-16 Months Walks independently


Keep in mind, it’s just an average based on thousands of babies. Your baby is perfect, just the way he/she is – so keep talking with your pediatrician and keep the camera ready. Your baby will be off and running in no time!

This is part of the Get a Move On series – keeping your child healthy through activity and movement.