Big Need! Maternity Clothes

Hey out there! Happy February – and SUNSHINE!!

I had a great meeting with the Executive Director of In the Image, our flagship charity. Did you know we are the primary reason they can offer children’s clothes for free at their Free Store? We make a huge difference with our donations.

At each sale, your kindness and generosity for unsold items is amazing! We send hundreds – if not thousands – of items for West Michigan children who are in desperate need to In the Image. We also found out today, our maternity clothes are a huge hit. What a way to make a difference to a mom in need! But their need is still great in this area.

So we’re going to spotlight this need today – and encourage you to grab your best 20 items to sell at the Spring Sale – and consider donating any additional clothing beyond those 20. We can take them right at drop off! If you want your donations out of your house faster, let us know, we’ll figure something out!

maternity-clothesWe hope you loved being pregnant – that you felt beautiful inside and out – that you rubbed your big ol’ belly and smiled. We’d love to share that feeling with more moms in West Michigan. If you can help – the need is great!


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