Zone Drop Off is Coming!

zone-drop-off-1The 2017 GR Spring Sale floorplan is almost done. It takes countless hours to get that plan in place for you to have an efficient shopping and selling experience. Countless!!

But we’re almost there – and this Spring, we’ll be introducing Zone Drop Off. We heard from Tacoma, WA that this is a huge time saver for both the seller – and the volunteers who set it all up to be a beautiful floor on opening day!

So as I sat here finishing up another bag of tags, I started to think about how to pack my back to maximize my efficiency at drop off.

Essentially, we’ll have 6 zones for our table items. We’ll focus on:

  1. Infant, Mommy, Feeding
  2. Accessories: girls, boys, gender neutral
  3. Toys: infant, girls, boys
  4. Crafts, Room Decor & Mommy Mart
  5. Sporting Goods, Electronics, Backpacks/Bags
  6. Books, Puzzles, DVDs

Of course, we’ll still have all our other sections: Highchairs, strollers, clothes, shoes, etc. This is just for the items that get set on tables.

SO! If you’re starting to work on your tags and starting to pack up boxes, totes or bins, you might want to place “like items” near each other.

Do you have to? Of course not.

Do you want to? Probably! You’ll find that you’ll save time in your drop off.

We’ll explain more about zone drop off in the coming weeks – but for now, for my early birds, pack well little birdies, pack well!


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