8 Things You Should Be Cleaning

I’m in cleaning mode – all the JBF stuff that’s about to be purged from the house – plus all the little dust bunnies that get left behind.

But, today’s JBF Corporate blog post cleaning.jpgalso mentioned a few other things I forget to clean. Yucko!! Get thee to the remote!

(Oh, and not a Clorox fan? Use your Norwex…use your enzyme cleaner…use what you need to, just get the bugs outta there!)

As moms, we keep our house tidy with small chores throughout the week. If we’re lucky we get a cleaning day in on the weekend. Cleaning the counters, the bathrooms, and washing the clothes is vital to an organized and healthy household. However, there are some other objects that are in need of desperate attention.

Cleaning List

  1. Remote Controls: These are filled with bacteria, get a Clorox wipe ASAP!
  2. Steering Wheels: Your hands should be as clean as possible when you go to get the babies out.
  3. Sink Plugs: You know that silver little metal circle that goes up and down when you pull the lever? There is so much hair wrapped around that baby! Pull it out and see for yourself.
  4. Vents: Wrap a rag around a butter knife and run through each slat. Every time the heat or AC kicks on dust is being blown all over the room if the vent is dirty.
  5. Can Openers: You’ve probably never cleaned this. Imagine the food it has touched and then been thrown back in the drawer.
  6. Legos: If you don’t have these little devils around yet, lucky you! If you do through them in an undergarment bag and toss them in the washing machine!
  7. Bath Mats: This seems a little more obvious once you think about it, toss those mats in the wash! Water gets trapped in the material and mildew begins to form.
  8. Toothbrush Holders: These always look like they need some attention but it never happens. We store something that goes in our mouth in here after all so let’s just get to cleaning!

Some of these are obvious, some not so much. What’s important is making sure you are cleaning these things every once in a while. Even more important; clean with something that is baby-sensitive. Your baby puts their hands and mouth on everything.


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