Revisited – Where to Find Those Hangers!

clothing-rackWe often get the question of “what’s the deal with hangers?” At JBF, all clothing items must come on hangers and items that come to the sale on hanger are sold on the hanger. So, you need to stock up in order to prep your items. Here are some free and low cost ideas:

* Dig in those closets and find hangers you aren’t using. We really don’t care what kind of hangers you use (tubular, wire, etc.). We do suggest child size hangers for 4T and under. Just make sure your garments stay on the hangers. If they look like they want to slip off, be sure and pin them with a safety pin to the hanger. Items that fall of the hangers may not be seen under the racks or can get dirty. Please skip the thick wooden hangers as garments tend to slip off them.

* Ask your friends/family if they’re willing to part with any. Most everyone has hangers laying around they aren’t using – especially those from the dry cleaners.

* Post on your moms forums that you’re looking for free hangers.

* Post under the “wanted” section of Craigslist that you are looking for FREE hangers.

* Ask retailers if they’ve got any extras you could have (you’d be surprised!) – Old Navy has a box under their registers with hangers. The outlet stores seem to be a good resource as well. It can be hit or miss, depending on the mood of the cashier/sales person, so ask wherever you go!

* Ask your local dry cleaner.

* Have your spouse, family member or yourself ask co-workers. They will often have them have extras they are not using. They may even start bringing you in all their extras.

* Be sure and save those hangers when you purchase retail (remember to save them between sales so you have a ready supply for the next event).

* Bonus, you get to keep the hangers from the garments that you purchase at JBF. Recycle them for the next event!
If you must purchase (ugh!):
* Dollar Tree, Dollar Stores, Walmart, Target and Big Lots all carry hangers – baby/child size hangers in the baby section tend to be cheaper.

* We have wire hangers available for purchase for 12 for $1.00. Please call or email Melissa to coordinate.

Please don’t wait until the last minute to collect hangers. As the sale approaches, more and more consignors are on the lookout for hangers thus lessening local store supplies.

We hope you’ve found this helpful. If you come across a great resource, please share and we’ll add it to this document and tell other consignors about it on our Facebook page!

Happy Tagging!


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