Get a Move On – The Right Age, Part 2

In our last Get a Move On post, the “right age” for your baby’s development marked milestones from holding his/her head up to walking. This time we thought we’d show you what’s likely to happen once mobility has taken hold and your little one doesn’t seem so little anymore!

Average Age Age Range Motor Behavior
1.5 Years 1.3 – 1.8 Years Run
2.0 Years 1.8 – 2.5 Years Gallop & Double Jump
2.5 Years 2 – 3 Years Vertical Jump
3.2 Years 3 – 4 Years Stand Alone on One Foot (5 Sec.)
3.3 Years 3 – 4 Years Standing Long Jump
3.4 Years 3 – 4 Years Hop
4.5 Years 4 – 5 Years Skip


Just like that, your little one is a “hop, skip and jump” away from entering school, ready to take on the world. Enjoy the bunny hop and skipping through the front lawn, college will be here soon enough.

As always, if you ever have any concerns, please talk to your pediatrician. All kids grow and learn at their own pace!

This is part of the Get a Move On series – keeping your child healthy through activity and movement.


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