Mom & Son Dates

As mommas of boys – five of them between the owners, and countless more with all their volunteers – this article offered great ways for us to continue to connect with our sons. Thanks to the JBF Corporate Blog for the great post!

mom-and-son.jpg5 Important Mom and Son Dates

Mom and Son Date Ideas

  1. A Trip to the Fire Station: This is a great way to give some real world experience at a young age.  This also is a date that saves money while having some fun. Plus, most little boys love trucks, so he is sure to have fun.
  2. Movie Night: Nothing beats staying in and cuddling up in front of the tv with some snacks. Get a few options together, that you can enjoy, and let your boy make the final decision.
  3. Dinner Date: Make him get dressed up even if your taking him to Buffalo Wild Wings. He will feel special and important, especially since it’s one on one.
  4. Scavenger Hunt: This can happen at the house or at the local park. It doesn’t have to be difficult or lengthy just meaningful and fun.
  5. Get Cooking: Making something together is the best way to bond. This may not feel like a typical date but it’s teaching life skills while soaking up quality time with what’s most important, your child!

We hope you love these ideas as much as we do. Quality time with your boy is more important than anything else you may have going on. It is hard to put life on hold but we must do it in order to give our children the love they want and need.



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