Conquering Your Child’s Sleep Issues

Thanks to JBF Corporate’s Blog for this post – as I am sure so many of us have faced some challenge in the sleep department at one time or another!

Sweet Dreams!

Sleep.pngDoes your child have problems going to sleep and staying there? I think every parent goes through this stage but I’m here to help you find a solution. When a child doesn’t sleep, that means a mother doesn’t sleep either and this can cause several different problems… Have you ever tried to stay up all night and then taking care of a wild child? It can be very stressful but I hoping these few steps will help you avoid these issues.


If you start your child on a bed routine STICK WITH IT! Don’t just follow this schedule for a few weeks and then give up on it. Once your child is used to a specific bedtime routine then they will know when they get put into bed it’s sleeping time and not play time.

Playtime is over:

Kids tend to want to stay up because they think they are missing out on something. If you make them believe that going to bed is more fun than staying up they won’t have a problem going to sleep. Be as boring as you possibly can.


I know this sounds silly and no one should reward a child for something they are supposed to do but at some point, you just give up and will do anything to make your child sleep. It doesn’t have to be anything big, it can honestly be something like you will give them 10 more minutes of TV for everything night they go to bed on time. Or give them that candy bar they beg for everything you go to check out at the store. It’s the little things that make life better.

Stick to your guns and don’t back down. You’re the parent and they are the children. When bedtime gets tough and you don’t know what to do anymore refer back to these few steps. Don’t have any more sleepless nights.


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