Get A Move On – Never Give Up

Every child is special. No parent or guardian is perfect. You will hit bumps along the way.

Sometimes I think my kids might fire me from my job.

Sometimes I want to sell my kids for a quarter.

It’s the most rewarding job of your life – with no instruction  manual, no “right” way and so many challenges you think your head might spin right off.

Yes, childhood obesity is on the rise. But you can do something about it! During the last few months, this blog have given you tips and benchmarks, ideas and suggestions. No one suggestion will solve the problem, but just as your child learned to walk, speak or read – you simply try and try again. Embrace what is special in your child and help them grow. If they love to read, take a walk and have them tell you their favorite story. If they love to dance, turn off the TV and turn on the radio – have a dance party in your kitchen. You’ll figure it out! Goodness knows our “Friday Night Dance Party” (now quite the serious tradition) simply started from an exhausted momma and dadda just trying to limp along until bed time.

But they memories they have – the love of dance and movement – their attentiveness in music class – their songs from the back seat…oh, how those memories are worth the trial and error it took to get there.

It’s time for a break – Spring Break – and whether you’re going to stay home or travel the globe, this is just your “you can do it!” inspiration to not give up – keep moving, keep learning. We’ve got more tips coming after the break! Stay Tuned!!

This is part of the Get a Move On series – keeping your child healthy through activity and movement.


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