Thank You

In gratitude for all those who have served our country – freedom is not free, no words can thank you enough for your sacrifice.

Happy Memorial Day from the JBF Crew!



Get a Move On – Yum Yum

While it’s easy to say “eat healthy,” it can be difficult to know what to feed your child after you’ve heard “I’m hungry” for the 15th time in a day. Healthy snacks that boost brain power and strengthen bones and muscles don’t have to be difficult to make. Here are a few easy recipes to get your little one on the right snack track. Encourage your child to help out – it’s a great way to practice math, reading and science, too!

Monkey Mix

1 Cup Banana Chips

1 Cup Flaked Coconut

1 Cup Chocolate Chips

3 Cups Toasted O Cereal  (like Cheerios)

Mix all the ingredients in a zip-top bag and shake well.


Fish in a Pond

1/2 cup lowfat cream cheese or cheese spread
Fish-shaped crackers
4 celery ribs, stems removed

Scoop the cream cheese into a bowl. (You can tint the cream cheese with blue food coloring to make it look like a pond.) Dip the celery sticks into the cheese, then into the bowl of crackers to “catch” a fish.

This is part of the Get a Move On series – keeping your child healthy through activity and movement.

Eat Those Veggies

Thanks to the JBF Corporate Blog for this little diddy – as it’s not always an easy spoonful to swallow!

Why are toddlers so hesitant towards eating vegetables?

Focus on Taste Buds

From a young age, many parents are not actively concerned with feeding their children vegetables. This causes young children to lack the taste buds needed to enjoy these particular foods.

Instead, they resort to foods that contain high fat, sugar, and salt. Therefore, if children are being fed mainly foods that contain these ingredients, they will become accustomed to only these.

It is important to help shape toddler’s taste buds.

Naturally flavored foods, like vegetables, have not been a popular choice for young children who are used to the sweet and salty flavored of processed baby foods. In order to shift away from this, parents must be willing to incorporate natural foods during breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

By doing this, toddlers will increasingly become more open to the idea of filling their plates with delicious and beneficial vegetables.

It is a fact that if taste buds are shaped at an early age, one is more likely to enjoy the flavors they have grown up with. It may not be an easy task to accomplish, but start small. Create a food chart to track what your child is eating and where vegetables can fit in throughout the day. Little by little you will begin to see the difference in their diet and in their positive attitude.


To get started, follow these few tips:

• Slowly wean your children away from excess sugar, fat, and salt.
• Temporarily add sugar, salt or fat to veggies so they taste more like foods they have previously liked.
• Shift your kid’s diet towards more natural foods.
• Allow them to have a yummy children’s treat every once in a while.

Healthy food means happy children. It’s a win-win situation for everyone! Try it out!

Got Some?

exersaucersDid you have a garage sale this Spring and you’ve still got a few items left?

What about the fact you couldn’t even get to a garage sale? Got a big toy or play thing that’s just taking up TOO MUCH SPACE?!

We’ve got an answer! We’re looking for things like pack-n-plays, exersaucers, strollers, ride-on toys that you want to get rid of. Like yesterday.

We’ll pay you your garage sale price – and we’ll take it off your hands! It does need to be in good condition, free of pet-hair, stains, etc…and it should be not currently under a recall notice.

We buy – you get paid – and you get your space back! Interested? Just let us know!!