Get a Move On – Healthy Habits

With portion sizes of many foods over double what they were 20 years ago, we have to help our children build healthy food habits at a young age. Starting around age 4, your child loses the ability to self-regulate when they are full. So, helping them understand how and when to eat will be essential building blocks for their future.

Here are eight simple rules to build healthy food habits

  1. Recognize children’s appetites vary from day to day and meal to meal
  2. Time meals and snacks to allow hunger, but not too much
  3. Allow food jags to run their course
  4.  Don’t insist on the “clean plate club”
  5. Present food without comment about likes or dislikes
  6. Don’t use food as a reward
  7. Don’t bargain, bribe, lecture, shame or threaten.

Get on the right track now – your kids will thank you for it!


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