Quality Counts! – Part 1 – Stains

Quality counts for every JBF sale – every. single. time.

One of our biggest differentiators is our commitment to quality. And, while our percentages of “items pulled” versus what is available for sale on the floor is really low, it still remains vitally important.

Our goal? No items pulled.

Is that possible? Probably not. We’re human. Even the most proficient taggers still miss things. But, our goal is to get the number of pulled items off the floor down to as close to zero as possible.

Why? Three main reasons:

  1. Our shoppers want high quality – and they are after it!
  2. It’s a HUGE time challenge for us to manage what gets pulled, create the log, get in touch with the seller and then get it back to them if they are not donating.
  3. It takes up VITAL space! Have you seen our sale? It’s huge! Let’s leave the room on the racks for clothes that are stain free!

We love donations – we hope you know that by now. So stained items can still be used! From a Free Store to those in need, sold for poundage to recycle/upcycle or used for other projects – there is still a need. So bring your stained clothing to the sale….and place it in our donation bins!

stained clothesWhat constitutes a stain? If you can see it, it’s a stain. Grease, spit up, grundies that didn’t work, grass lines, dirt stains…food, markers, bleached spots….

If you can see it – donate it!

Want to try to get it out – check out this link from musthavemom, we thought it was pretty cool. Thanks to their site for the photo for this post, too!


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