Get a Move On – Healthy Habits Around the World – Part 1

Inspire your kids with fun foods! Consider taking a trip through your grocery store and learn about the world we live in. If you have a picky eater – or you just want to try new things – learning about food in various countries is a great way to start. It’s also a great way to get your child involved and learning.

There are many ways to get going – start by picking a food or a country – and ask your child to help. Take time to look up where the country is by using a map or the internet. Then, encourage your child to think about what life might be like for kids in that country.  In the following weeks, we’ll look at various foods and cultures around the world including Greece, Kenya, Japan, Australia, Brazil and the Native Americans of the USA. Enjoy the trip around the world!

This is part of the Get a Move On series – keeping your child healthy through activity and movement.


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